41 Configuration menu. Configuring the MachFive Plug-in. 43 Overview. 44 Conserving If you have questions, please review this manual carefully first. I recently purchased Mach Five from a seller on Ebay, included are the two 3 ring binder, and a couple of wire bound quick start manuals. Get up and running with MOTU’s MachFive 3, an ideal software sampler You might notice Soundbank names appearing there if you mount them manually.

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Both Programs and Parts help explain each other. Mon Dec 31, And the Oscar goes to From big screen to home studio: LoopLab beat slice editor. Install this if you are updating to MachFive 1. New WahWah filter effect Emulate machfivr sound of the classic wah wah pedal The new WahWah Filter emulates the sound of a classic wah wah mnaual. My OS is The amazingly gratuitous Alternatively, you can create a Key Switch to enable or disable a Layer, which is shown in the picture above.

Is there a feature, technique, or configuration you would like to learn more about? An event you macfhive want to miss. Preset browsing and searching. I haven’t seen anything materialise yet, but I hope it happens. MachFive engineers poured over old schematics and painstakingly measured actual circuits to meticulously model the beloved ensemble effect from the venerable Roland Paraphonic Majual synthesizer.

The majority of the following discussion will use the Main MachFive 3 window for explanation purposes, however a great way to visualize the relationship between each of these elements is to use the Tree Editor.


The type of Oscillator currently being used is listed at the top left of the Oscillator Editor, and you can add additional Oscillators using the Plus button to the right.

– Tech Tips | MachFive 3 | MF3 Hierarchy

Loading a Multi will load all of your Programs into their respective Parts with all of the correct settings. Only the hard copy manual is available.

This update requires a previous install of MachFive 2 or 2. A Program is the entire collection of parameters, samples and settings which create the sound you hear. When combined with MachFive’s multi-sample instrument capabilities and extensive effects, the possibilities for hybrid synthesis and sound design are limitless.

Macufive Browsethen select the Sine Wave icon to view your Oscillator types.

Toggle between mankal Oscillator using their numbered tabs. How multiple Oscillators are handled will be explained laterbut for now, just know you can add several, “parallel” Oscillators.

New flexible effects architecture. Powerful new synth engine Twelve forms of synthesis that span music history From modular analog pioneered in the ‘s to milestone breakthroughs like FM and wavetable synthesis in the decades that followed, MachFive 3 delivers twelve synth engines that make it a powerful multi-synthesizer in its own right.

What’s New

Board index All times are UTC. From the configurable part list to the full-screen envelope editor, MachFive 3 has been designed to spur your creative muse kachfive delivering state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology in a streamlined, efficient environment.

You’ll never run out of modulation sources, destination, or ideas.

Download Interlok Extensions Update. If anyone knows of any good instructional sites or DVDs, please advise. This is a maintenance update of MachFive 1. Another way to add a Synthesis Oscillator is to right click in the Keygroup Editor section the grid above the MF3 keyboardand click ” New Keygroup “; an Analog Synthesis Oscillator will load by default. I will be buying the manual from MOTU as soon as registration is transferred a whole different series of hoops to jump through.


Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. After all, music, sound design, and audio production are creative endeavors that deserve a worthy partner in creativity. Your Layers appear on the left. By default, the ” Sample ” Machfjve Oscillator will load. Parts are similar to the tracks in your DAW.

Information regarding MIDI mmachfive channel, audio output, mixing, and performance settings are parameters of your Part. Beauty and brawn Designed to inspire. In total, there are five Sampling Oscillators, and seven Synthesis Oscillators, each providing unique results.

Most simply, you can have one Keygroup as shown here in blue spanning the entire range of the keyboard so the same Oscillator is triggered by any key, at any velocityor theoretically up to 16, Keygroupsso every combination of MIDI Note and MIDI Velocity triggers a different Oscillator. Highlight the first Sub-Rule and check the first Layer.

– What’s New

From big screen to home studio: With these new filters, dirty is a good thing. Type a word into the search field and up pops a list of all related presets. Who is online In total there is 1 user online:: The Oscillator is loaded, but remains empty until an audio file is dragged into it.