Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. It is fascinating to realize that as children grow and experience the world in both physical and psychological settings, their physical, mental, and creative growth.

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The very act of creating can provide new insights and new knowledge for further action. We have witnessed classroom situations in which the teacher, so fully and sincerely involved in his growtj appreci- ation of the work, completely loses contact with his pupils by neglecting their level of understanding and comprehension. One area has been related to another area in relationship to an experience more meaningful to the child than scribbling has been.

Viktor Lowenfeld

Rearranging The Meaning of Art for Education 9 and changing elements on a wall for a mural, or on a canvas for a paint- ing, is a constant process of reorganization. The apparent lack of confidence in our modern homes, too, constitutes a serious threat to our social forms of living.

The art medium and art expression must become an inseparable whole.

And we all know how achievements create confidence. Since water color changes too easily in tone and hue and cannot be directed as easily as poster paint, for example, snd impedes the development of free art expression in an average eight-year-old child. Indeed, imita- tion in any learning situation is only used as a means to an end and never as an end in itself. Man learns through his senses.

He became a citizen in after serving in the Navy as a wartime visual aids consultant. Lily rated it really liked it Dec 04, Unintentional changes are meaningless for the child of eight. However, this con- demnation holds not only for the single art work, but also lowwenfeld the creator, who cannot live because he cannot breathe with strange lungs.


Nick Min rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Books by Viktor Lowenfeld. An eight-year-old child wants to express his experiences by means of drawings or paintings that resemble nature only as far as significant characteristics may appear in both the child’s drawing and in nature.

A thorough knowledge of the meaning and significance of the creative process and the place of the product therefore becomes of great importance. He stayed in this position until his death in No procedure or material should be replaceable by another one. We cannot expect confidence from our youth in one aspect of our advancing society if we show distrust in another. It has been demonstrated nad integration occurs within the individual. I wish to express my deepest appreciation to Mrs.

There is no implication that by merely adding together the factors Figure 3. Perfection grows with the urge for expression. Usually such children laugh about their own products or are continually un- satisfied with them. Or have we been so blinded by the material awards that we have failed to recog- nize where the real values of a democracy lie, in its most precious good, the individual.

Verv little opportunity is given within our school system for developing this trait. The child does not differentiate in his desire for self-identification with creative activity and with history, for example.

Full text of “Creative and mental growth”

Leaning toward others, dependency, sdffness. The dynamic quality of water color supports the twelve-year-old child perfectly in his search for new dis- coveries, for dramatic expression in nature, and above all, in his drive for visual stimuli. In some areas he has developed this specialization to such a degree that he has lost contact with the society that has to handle his “achievements.

Growthh we then split personalities who accept different styles in different living areas — old-fashioned chairs at home, modern seating comfort in our cars, streamlined simplicity in the kitchen, and complex patterns of ornamentations in our bedrooms? It is not the material approach which needs emphasis in a materialistic period such as ours, for the human spirit should transcend the material into creative expression.

The extension of the frame of reference constitutes one of the most im- portant principles in art education, or indeed, in education in general. If a task can be done more easily by a different technique with a better effect, the wrong technique has been applied. He observed llwenfeld apples, Mary’s dress, and became more sensitive to his environment. To ask other readers questions about Creative and Mental Growthplease sign up.


Only if we are unable to face a new situation do we try to find refuge in the repetition of conventional patterns.

Creative and mental growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain – Google Books

This intrinsic value of any art experience seems to be of great educational significance, since it promotes the natural tendency of lowebfeld. Among his students creatuve the American muralist John T. I have appreciated the notes, tape recordings of recent lectures, and suggestions from those who were close to Dr.

Then the child had to color a workbook illustration. It is quite impossible to say that any one approach — by whatever fine-sounding name it is called — is good for all. Tifani rated it it was amazing Apr 23, The creative result may be an abstract expression of the kinesthetic feelings he had while rowing.

Creative and Mental Growth

The process of educating children can sometimes be confused with developing certain limited predetermined responses. Objective re- ports or illustrations are therefore unsuitable means for creating an in- spiring atmosphere. He needs an art medium especially suited to give easy expression to his urge for motor activity. The importance of imitation as a means growtj learning, therefore, cannot be overlooked.

The best game with poor attendance may have little excitement. It may even put the child back to his former status.

Creative expression is as differentiated as are individuals. In creative activity the urge for expression usually depends on the intensity of the experience.