LOGICOMIX – Graphic Novel. Logicomix Print | Buy it Online | Share : designed & developed by: INTELWEB | hosted by Elegrad. Move; Close. This exceptional graphic novel recounts the spiritual odyssey of philosopher Bertrand Russell. In his agonized search for absolute truth, Russell crosses. Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth. Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos H. Papadimitriou with art by Alecos Papadatos and Annie di Donna.

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Fortunately for him, Russell pulled back from the trutg before it could swallow him whole, and became one of the early 20th century’s greatest philosophers in the process. For some years he directed professionally for the theater, and in made his first film Underground Passage in Greek. I had to strain to consider if they were getting it right, but I think they did a creditable job. The constant questioning of trutn and fervent desire to locate truth has been associated with “madness’, and that comes up in this, too.

Which stood on another turtle. As Russell embarks on his epic search vor truth, he continues to engage the greatest minds of the century, but along the way he must navigate wars, women enticing but difficult and the madness that often accompanies logical genius.

The problem is that many of the depictions are exaggerated it recalled to me E T Bell’s Men of Mathematics to keep the plot focused and pertinent. View all 35 comments. No one asked me to make these edits, but I have had readers of this review tell me I have the intelligence of an adolescent, that they are going to burn my house down, and that I should kill myself.


Russell overcomes his shyness to engage the greatest professors of his time with his questions a thrill I remember well from studying the Sacks Theorem of recursion theory from Professor Sacks himself. Broken marriages, broken friendships, ill health – his obsession with an absolute truth to the universe nearly destroyed everything he had.

I enjoyed reading Logicomix immensely. A list of the co-stars might be enough to induce you to stop reading this review, so I restrain myself from indulging. Logicomix Cover to the English-language edition from Bloomsbury.

Logicomix: An epic search for truth: Apostolos Doxiadis: Bloomsbury USA

By using our website you seearch to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Or some combination of the above? Sep 25, Adarsh J rated it it was amazing.

And while there are many more things other than dinosaurs, robots or boobs shtupping you can replace ninjas with in a page graphic novel, math is not one of them. Apr 14, Christoph rated it it was ok Shelves: The choice of Russell struck me as somehow both inspired and obvious- in succession let’s say, to avoid paradox.

Books by Apostolos K. May 11, Negar rated it really liked it Recommended to Negar by: The interplay of logic and madness is a recurring theme of Logicomix, as Russell struggles to stave off madness himself with only partial success, as readers will learn.

Logicomix – Wikipedia

But more importantly, I liked it. Embedding yet another layer of recursion into Logicomix, Russell tells his own story in the form of a lecture delivered at an American university on Sept 4,the day the UK joined World War II.


Wittgenstein in particular marks a character who I’d love to see pursued in his own book—even though Wittgenstein inhabits a fair percentage of Russell’s book, I was thirsty for more.

Although dramatic action was obviously fo, there was a very gossipy portrayal of the lives and foibles of the great philosophers and mathematicians. Shows how much you know Or will he only find one more succubus, a myth that will drain him of life and reason, leaving him as much a wreck as his predecessors?

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth

View all 11 ror. The problem is often about settling on what’s enough to label someone mad rather than a distinct insane vs sane divide. So if the Logicomix creative team can be characters writing their story as it goes, then I can do the same in this review.

I was very often right.

Will order govern chaos? Everything is simplified and dramatized and so… graphic.

I’ve changed a single word here to another word which hopefully makes the same point without being such a pig about seafch. That didn’t satisfy young Russell, and he went off in search of the floor upon which the last turtle stood, as it were – new mathematics that would be able to define the foundations of math, and thereby give a concrete understanding of the universe.