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Forebrain patterning defects in Small eye mutant mice. While simultaneous bilateral ION transection or lesion of whisker hair follicles did not obviously affect the callosal projection, whereas non-simultaneous bilateral transection of IONs or lesions whisker hair follicles arrested the callosal projection.

We next asked whether sensory input lel the targeted cortex is also required for the formation of this callosal projection.

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It is well known that neurons can be excited by high concentration of potassium in vitro. Agenesis of the corpus callosum: Thus, sensory input to the target cortex is also required for the formation of callosal connection in the somatosensory cortex. Open in a separate window. Transection at P5, however, does not disrupt barrel formation [ 1617 ], but would be expected to eliminate the later sensory input.

Neuronal activity is 11334 in the somatosensory cortex after removal of sensory input.

[] Computational Design of Flexible Electrides with Non-trivial Band Topology

Bilateral transection of IONs; 113334. How monocular deprivation shifts ocular dominance in visual cortex of young mice. A case of schizophrenia with complete agenesis of the corpus callosum. Callosal projection is affected by unilateral but rescued by bilateral lesion of whisker hair follicles. The ION on one side 1134 the major orofacial somatosensory input to the contralateral somatosensory cortex [ 17 ], and we thus transected the ION at P2 on the side contralateral to the side of EGFP delivery in order to eliminate afferent sensory input to the callosal neurons.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Neuronal activity is altered in the somatosensory cortex after removal of sensory input Unilateral or non-simultaneous bilateral removal of sensory input may disrupt the balance of lri sensory input to the two somatosensory cortices, which may in turn lead to mismatched activity between the two cortices.

Received Nov 24; Accepted Nov Please review our privacy policy. However, how callosal axons select the correct target in the contralateral cortex is unclear. Transcriptional regulation of vertebrate axon guidance and synapse formation.

To follow the outgrowth of callosal axons of somatosensory neurons, we delivered an EGFP expression construct into the pyramidal neurons of the somatosensory cortex by in utero electroporation at Electrophysiological recording To examine electrophysiological changes of cortical neuron after unilateral or bilateral removal of sensory input, patch-clump recording was performed in brain slice. Compared to control mice, resting membrane potential and threshold for evoked action potential showed no difference in the two cortices of the mice with unilateral or bilateral ION transection, suggesting that electrical property of cortical neurons is not changed after P5 ION transection.

Lel Our data demonstrate a critical role of balanced bilateral somatosensory input in the formation of callosal connections, and thus reveal a new role of 111334 input in wiring brain circuits. By contrast, lesion of all whisker hair follicles on one side at P4 and the other side at P5 did not rescue the projection defect. Principal sensory trigeminal nucleus; S1: In mouse, the early-born layer V callosal neurons cross the midline le birth, while the late-born layer II-III callosal neurons cross the midline several days after birth [ 3 – 5 ].


After anesthesia with sodium pentobarbital, pregnant mice were subjected to abdominal incision to expose the uterus. Mechanisms regulating the development of the corpus callosum and its agenesis in mouse and human.

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In addition to removal of peripheral sensory input, transection of IONs may also lead to other unknown effects that may contribute to the callosal projection phenotypes. Callosal projection defect is rescued after simultaneous bilateral transection of IONs Having found that sensory input to both callosal neurons and their targeting cortex is required for callosal axon target selection, we were prompted to explore the effects of eliminating sensory input altogether.

Bilateral lesion of whisker hair follicles; Cont: Representative recordings in brain slice prepared from mice with ION transection are shown in left panel, and quantification of the sEPSC frequency is shown in right two panels. Nevertheless, these results further support the idea that balanced bilateral sensory input is required for the formation of callosal projection. Results Unilateral transection of ION on either side abolishes callosal projection To follow the outgrowth of callosal axons of somatosensory neurons, we delivered an EGFP expression construct into the pyramidal neurons of the somatosensory cortex by in utero electroporation at Primary somatosensory cortex; S2: Development of the barrels and barrel field in the somatosensory cortex of the mouse.