Komunikacione Veštine – NLP Trening Akademija. Education. Life Coach Tamara Vujnović. Coach. Rad na sebi. Education Website. Nevil Godard na srpskom. Videos related to VESTINE. PREDSTAVLJANJE komunikacione veštine NLP Zoran Drobnjak NLP Search, Watch, Download millions of videos from. Prezentacijske veštine – 6 početničkih grešaka ○ Professional Presentation Ledeni breg u komunikaciji – Komunikacione veštine · Komunikacija – spontanost .

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Silvia is bilingual Portuguese and English working in both languages as a trainer, coach, and mentor. For 18 years Jan has been working on various management positions and his main area of interest was always potential of people development. Drawing on her background and line of work in training, mentoring, and entrepreneurship, she became an advocate for the development of creativity and innovation in Business and Talent.

Professional Presentation Live – Atria Group

Po formalnom obrazovanju je Doktor medicine — diplomirala na Medicinskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu. Dragana is HR consultant with extensive experience in the field of employee development and training.


Prezentacija medijskih agencija i medija. This work later became her inspiration towards Human Development, which eventually brought her to the amazing world of coaching and Solution Focused Development, transforming her world and empowering her clients. Komunikacija — spontanost ili strategija? Za sve dodatne informacije o treningu i prijavi kontaktirajte nas na:. Kahler Communication Persona Global.

Dragana has an educational background in Psychology. His passions are sport and initiating change in people.


She trained and mentored young lawyers helping them develop their capabilities and build their businesses. The structure, resistance and flexibility are the most important characteristics of vesfine work. She has over 7 years of HR experience and her areas of expertise are improving employee relations, communication skills, employee motivation and cooperation.

Oblasti njegove ekspertize su: Atria Group na novoj adresi. He has had komnuikacione opportunity to lead several large projects in the area of leadership development and change in corporate culture, as well as number of different training and coaching programs.

Prior to joining Atria Group team, Dragana also worked as a psychoterapist and psychological counselor and has completed education in O. Predrag graduated electrical engineering at the Department of Physical Electronics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. His role in the company is international business development.

Namenjen svakome ko je aktivan u oblasti prodaje. Dragana je po obrazovanju psiholog. In addition, he is a mentor, trainer and coach with extensive international komunkiacione. She is certified consultant for the SHL assessment tools, and for Hogan assessment tools. For last 10 komunikscione he has lived and worked outside the UK and over the past 20 years has written and delivered training courses across the globe, from Cape Town to Brussels, from Manila and Hong Kong to Philadelphia and Rio de Janerio, focussing on conflict management, relationships and the need for cultural insights.

Prezentacija kandidata za posao. festine

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Carl is English and was originally a chemist and has spent all of his working life in big business, working in the pharmaceutical industry predominantly at the interface with other companies managing relationships on projects from the very technical to the financially huge. For 2 years he worked in Czech Television and after that he entered into industry of mobile technologies where he worked until Kao mentor i trener pomagala je veztine avokatima da razviju svoje sposobnosti i poslovanje.


During her career she participated in the creation and implementation of a variety of development projects, workshops and training programs for more than 20 companies.

Before he became a professional trainer and coach, Predrag had spent ten years in various sales positions.

She is also certified for use of biofeedback and neurofidbek methodology vestjne Biofeedback Association of Serbia. Predrag is a senior partner at Atria Group. As a leader he used coaching methods as a tool for sales performance increase. Over the course of last 14 years he has been engaged in development of human resources, primarly in corporate environment, and later on in consultancy projects.

Some of his titles are: Jan highly values continues development in area of komunikaciohe. So far he has more than 1.

Professional Presentation Live

He thinks that we, as humans, have great potential and our main purpose is to discover it komunikavione develop it. Igor je konsultant za razvoj pojedinaca i organizacija. His areas of expertise are: