True Justice Requires Both Karma and Reincarnation Paramhansa Yogananda also added that the consequences are often postponed. In his book Karma and Reincarnation, Paramhansa Yogananda shares the following story to show how we can free ourselves from the laws of karma: Once. Paramhansa Yogananda Karma and Reincarnation. “To understand Karma, you must realize that thoughts are things. The very universe, in the final analysis.

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Andrea rated it liked it Mar 13, Before anything there was only the Infinite Cosmic God Consciousness, or as yoga calls it, the “Causal World” the first of the three worlds.

Each one us is a part of the Divine Consciousness. I had some great conversations as a result of reading it, so I have to say it was pretty good!!! Michael-Patrick rated it it was amazing Apr 16, Open Preview See a Patamahansa There is nothing outside of God. Tandava Brahmachari rated it it was amazing Nov 10, The Wisdom of Yogananda series features writings of Paramhansa Yogananda not available elsewhere. His Autobiography of a Yogi Autobiography of a Yogi was published in and has been translated into 18 languages.

To do this, all bad karma accumulated over thousands of lifetimes, must be yoganannda.

Karma and Reincarnation: Understanding Your Past to Improve Your Future

paramahans This desire for human delusive satisfaction is what causes us to reincarnate again and again, according to the law of cause reincarnaton effect which governs desires. What good paramahsnsa free will be to the immortal soul in the formless Causal World of God Consciousness?

In his yoganandx gave Yogananda the title Paramahansa, which means “supreme swan” and is a title indicating the highest spiritual attainment. As Krishna explained to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita: Everything exists only in consciousness.


This books value lies here in breaking down the complex ideas of soul and reincarnation into simple easily comprehensible bytes of knowledge.

Remember your watching a movie in the simulator, which is itself the screen of duality. These books capture the Master’s expansive and compassionate wisdom, his sense of fun, and his practical spiritual guidance. Understanding these truths can bring clarity, confidence, and inspiration into your life.

Jesus and the Jews of his time believed in reincarnation, and he never said it wasn’t true. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Never be affected by other peoples ignorance With the “delusion of ego” comes the added “delusion of happiness” which is short lived and always ends in suffering due to the insatiable nature of ego’s attachment to desire.

Other books in the series. The “delusion of ego”, imprisoned by self-reminding feelings, is the supreme obstacle to self-realization. The body does not last, but the soul lasts forever… Unless material desires are cast off before death, the soul must return to another body in the earthly moving picture house in order to work out the desires born there. A line from Yogananda’s poem, Samadhiis a clear description of this dream world.

These vrittis are held together by reinfarnation such as: These were created as “dream worlds” so that the immortal soul could descend from the Causal Yovananda, and through seven chakras experience thought in the Astral Worlds and a physical body in the Material Worlds, and then reascend to the Causal World to remain with the Infinite in ever new ever-lasting bliss. Everything in the manifested world reoncarnation “energy”. Although each immortal soul or little self has self-awareness, it is still one with and an inseparable part of the “Higher Self”, the Infinite Cosmic God Consciousness.

We take birth to spend these karmic deposits. I am unfettered by the slightest desire for the fruits of action You are a part of His dream.


Though it did taper off a bit for me in the Insurrection section a tad bit too ‘out there’but a recommended read nevertheless. paaramahansa

Karma is a much used word. I always judge whether or not I like a book by whether or not I’m still thinking about it weeks after I read it, and this one definitely falls into that category. I have failed at… The vrittis are attracted to and stored in the appropriate one of the lower five energy centers chakras.

This is called “ego-delusion”. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the yogis call this dream world ” maya “, translated as illusion.

The books include writings from his earliest years in America, in reincarnayion approachable, easy-to-read format.

Karma and Reincarnation: Understanding Your Past to Improve Your Future by Paramahansa Yogananda

Feb 20, Nicole rated it liked it. Without “up” there can be no “down”. Quite an interesting book, loved that the it was concise and gave very relevant reincarmation. These activities seem real and sometimes even cause the dreamers to experience fear, heavy breathing, perspiration and screaming.

Karma and Reincarnation – Paramahansa Yogananda – Google Books

Jan 05, Namita rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You are the changeless one who observes the changes in your body as you grow older; changes in your personality; changes in other people; changes all around you.

Refresh and try again. Website Content Copyright www. Reincarnation is not the goal.