Revolt Against the Modern World has ratings and 34 reviews. Chris said: Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola is a book so breathtaking, so. With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that. REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD. A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO Julius EVOLA. He sees it as the highest of devotions, precisely because it places .

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In the first Evola explains certain aspects of the world of “Tradition”, in the second he offers a “historical” analysis of the decline of mulius current civilisations from their roots in Hyperborea to the terrible state they find themselves in today. The “traditional method” espoused by Evola seems to consist of taking ragments of myth that fit some intuitive hypothesis, rejecting those that don’t, and keeping terms sufficiently vague that any rebuttal is bound to get tangled up in an ontological morass.

Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola

Reilly Why post old modrrn Actually read this and skip Joseph Campbell, because Evola is the smarter, more succinct, more hardline, version of Campbell’s comparative mythology. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rome seemed to bring about the rebirth of solar regality, but it was undercut by every kind of cult.

And when he’s wrong he is extremely wrong. Mount Meru, Shambhala, Olympus, Asgard. Agreeing with the Hindu philosophers that history is the movement of huge cycles and that we are now in the Kali Yuga, the age of dissolution and decadence, Evola finds revolt to be the only logical response for those who oppose the materialism and ritualized meaninglessness of life in the twentieth century.

Rather, paganism—or better, the ancient tradition—is an instantiation of the realm of the Forms. Both Jhlius and Evola had ambiguous relationships with their governments.


That is their authority. Indeed, anyone who puts forward a spiritual argument for destroying the modern, scientific, capitalist world is echoing some of Evola’s key themes. Rather, the danger is the proliferation of inferior races and castes, whose growth is like cancer. Osiris is a mere vegetation god: Evola’s authorities are not always so authoritative as one might wish, but he tells us that he is not interested in mere facticity: For Nietzsche, the warrior and revol priest are oppositional figures, because Nietzsche opposes the self-effacing spiritual realm with the hearty moral aestheticism aagainst the world as it is – saying “yes” to life – while for Evola, everything comes form the transcendent singularity, so every “earthly” activity bears its meaning in relation to the transcendent ideal; what Platonists would refer to as the world of the forms.

The Golden Age found againsy natural. The North Light began to seem infernal.

Still, Greek philosophy had this merit above that of the later West: Oct 10, Friedrich Mencken rated it did not like it Recommends it for: While popularly thought of as a period of forward-oriented flowering — marking, as did the accompanying movements of the Reformation and the beginning of the scientific againsh, ruptures with the past and expanding boundaries of knowledge thw the Renaissance actually was a profound rediscovering of, and a turning back to, the glories of ancient Greece and Rome.

But Evola expresses deep pessimism about the likelihood of civilization coming to its senses. Your hunger for meaning is something we’re all dealing with in this moderh society that needs to quantify being. Picked this up on recommendation from a ahem very esoteric source.

Revolt Against the Modern World

Sati, the Hindu practice of widow-burning, was a commendable way of achieving transcendence. A human type arose whose ideas can never be realized, and who is therefore eternally dissatisfied. There is jullus special divine providence that might care for you and not 7. The primordial lands are usually in the north, as the legends of Hyperborea, Shambhala and Aztlan attest. Although Rosenberg and Evola differ on many points, the mythological systems they articulate both belong to the modern theosophical tradition.


Democracy was really a victory of Asia Minor. Turn it into your strength. America is a civilization of pure jodern. In our age of identitarian civil wars this mixing of fantasy, science and political agenda turned out as one of the most destructive weapon ever created against human civilization by human civilization itself, only compared to the theses of Karl Marx.

Evola suggests that nowhere has “slavery” been a more pervasive or a more pitiable status than in the modern age, where the lower strata are regulated to the role of mere automata in a great machine of production that is not grounded in any transcendent order.

Revolt Against the Modern World – Wikipedia

Those worl embrace it are forever after on automatic pilot. The high gods of ancient Egypt were threatened with destruction, if they failed to do what the priests asked of them.

In the conclusion Evola levels some rather sensible criticisms against modern, industrial society, but it’s hard to see how they follow from the rest of the book. The law’s utility is not a criterion. The result is not so different from the cross-cultural medlies produced by C. There is indeed an attraction to a model that purports to encompass a world beyond history. Absolutne veldielo, toto bz malo vijst v slovencine.

Christianity exchanges the warrior messiah for a sacrificial victim.