Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Subwoofers like the JBL JRXS 18″ Compact Subwoofer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free . Product Description. JBL JRX Sub Cover Bag. Convertible cover for JRXS – specially designed to protect your loudspeakers. A new, patent pending. The JBL JRX S is a passive subwoofer that has a clean sound in almost any room size. I would crank this subwoofer up in many different spaces and would.

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I am wondering if I can just run two JRXS subs on the left channel of the behringer amp and 2 off the left side or should I just bite the bullet and buy another qsc gx5 amp and run the two new jx off that? And, if I hang another set of subs off this thru, what happens to the load? Sort by most recent most useful. The sound of this sub is very clean, the low tones are full and rich and when you use it with some good speakers it will just complete the sound and work for any style of music.

What I am wondering is could this through input be used to drive a 2nd sub on each side instead of one sub and one top?


You can get watts of peak power out of this woofer and at continuous use. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. You feel well on the reggae and zouk – HP 4 ohms which requests the amp a little harder.

Adding more JBL JRX118S Subs to JBL JRX PA Setup

I thank them every time I turn on my current rig. I am not sure what your 4 ohm warning means for this sub. Just a note they are also a 4 ohm box.

Did you find this review helpful? You can leave all the FOH amps at home and sound better doing it. No amps, less weight, win all round.

I am wondering what speakon connection does what here is one input and one output? Please don’t take this personally, it is not a personal attack. I tested these boxes on a weekend instead of my Yamaha SW. Note that Speakon is a brand name of Neutrik. Use a speakon from the amp to 1st sub, run a short speakon to speakon cable from the 1st sub to second sub on the same side of the stage.

I do watt power it all!

NL-8 is rare, and you probably won’t see one. If this is the case, Could I try using the behringer ep amp to drive the subs as it can run W at 2 ohms per channel and then use the 4 1118 QSC GX5 amp to power the tops.


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View the Media Kit. Yep agree with Jwlusso.

Request a new review. The specs jgx the berry amp say 2x amps at 2 ohm. Previous 1 2 Next. An NL-4 connector will not fit into an NL-2 jack. If not you may need to remove the plate and switch some wires to pass the signal to correct pins of the speakon connector.

I’m thinking its a selectable full range or crossed over throughput selection but I’m not sure.

So I would be running 2 subs off the left and 2 off the right channel of the amp in a 2 ohm load I am guessing??? This woofer has never given a single issue.

User reviews: JBL JRXS – Audiofanzine

When you put two 4 ohm subs together you’ll get a 2 ohm load. If adding a second amp, then JBL recommends watt max into 4 ohms for each sub so jtx that in mind so you don’t over power them. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Log in Become a member.