The Uncertain Path has ratings and 53 reviews. Jerry said: The Jedi Apprentice series is sort of like a television serial in the vein of 24 or Hous. The Uncertain Path. By. Jude by DrB 11/ Obi-Wan Kenobi paced between rows of tombs in a tunnel below the city ofZehava. Overhead, a. Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice – The Uncertain Path by Jude Watson – reading level information and list of editions available including their current.

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The Uncertain Path

Into the Void Crucible Maul: Jun 30, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Having grown up with such a love, I figured in middle school that if I enjoy watching Star Wars and Star Trek, I would enjoy reading it as well.

I’m not saying that Obi-Wan is without fault. Well, boys will be boys and all that, was basically their stance on this.

Even Yoda and Tahl agree that Qui-Gon was the one who made the wrong call in the last book, though he hasn’t come around on that point. A New Hope Episode V: Having read the first six books in the series, I feel that quality wise that this series is somewhat inconsistent.

But that doesn’t stop him from helping Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon is no longer around to help him.

This particular story picks up with Obi-Wan having actually chosen to leave the Jedi Order in favor of fighting for peace on a planet he had come to love.

Fatal Alliance The Old Republic: Due to an astonishing lack of integrity, morality and general sense in the paid reviews community, we are hereby distancing ourselves from the idiocy that is currently ruining the world in pursuit of a quick buck. On their respective planets, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are tasked with solving each problem. He grows less likable with each passing book where he holds Obi-Wan at arms’ length.

Oct 14, Jaime K rated it it was amazing.


Jedi Apprentice > The Uncertain Path

You may actually find me doing a lot of that, finishing things I started long ago. Contents [ show ]. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. I then watched ‘A New Hope’ again just to check it was the appprentice and not me but it still was rubbish.

Actual rating is 3. Sep 06, paulina rated it really liked it Shelves: Jedi Apprentice Children’s science fiction uncertaij stubs s children’s novel stubs s science fiction novel stubs Star Wars stubs. Thus, it was not a far jump for me to fall in love with and enjoy Star Wars as well.

Return of the Jedi If your thirteen-year-old child insists on staying on the street to umcertain a stray from being killed, you don’t say, follow me home now or never come home again. Uncerain is a direct appretnice to the previous book, so don’t try to jump in here if you haven’t read number five.

The The Jedi Apprentice series is sort of like a television serial in the vein of 24 or House of Anubis: I pahh thought that the ending was a bit rushed, and also kind apprentjce lazy.

The issues that are between them are not like those between Qui-Gon and Xanatos, which the former begins to understand. Jul 31, Cassandra rated it it was ok Shelves: That story arc was great; I really appreciated how Watson was able to get into grief and history and connection and power and fear and all sorts of things that are huge and hard to put in a middle-grade book like this.

Yet, for a fan of Obi-Wan, the rather easy reading was not going to deter me, as the story is still good all the same. Because we’re all looking forward to a day when depressing notices such as this one are jdei longer required.

Qui-Gon has to go backward to go forward, and Obi-Wan has to get pummeled outside of the Temple’s safety to recognize what a gift it is. He wanted to leave so that he could uphold the Jedi spirit and help his friends.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He contacts Qui-Gon and he rushes to help. Other than this issue I really have been enjoying this series, which is why I am going uncsrtain keep going forward with it. Say, his master left with Tahl while he stayed back momentarily to play peacekeeper and waited for his master to return remember a one-way journey takes 3 days so going back with his master would mean leaving his uncegtain to fend for themselves for 6 whole days and a lot can happen in 6 days in a war.

Onslaught Dark Tide II: The Young cease their internal struggle and succeed in uniting the Melida and the Daan factions under one government. Despite some flaws, I really liked this book. The more Obi Wan feels like an outsider, the more he craves Qui-Gon’s counsel.

They are rocks that have a fire inside that will last forever. When you don’t know your own mind, you fill it with the beliefs of another. Obi-Wan takes comfort in his friends, the other leaders of the revolution.

Oct 20, Jim C rated it really liked it. I liked the new characters introduced, although I didn’t know them long enough to have any real feeling when one dies.

Overall, I give this book a 3. As the revolution continues, friends become enemies, and Obi-Wan’s path grows more and more uncertain. We see the last book’s follow-up in this disastrous conclusion and me shaking my head and wondering how this planet became what it did.

All in all, quite delightful and well-paced. Thus I picked up from where I could last remember reading and it was in the middle of a story arch that I had nearly forgotten.

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