Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the . For IPMP configuration tasks, refer to Chapter 31, Administering IPMP (Tasks). Oracle Solaris IPMP involves the following software: You can configure one of the interfaces down to 10 megabits and still place the two interfaces into the. You must have configured all interfaces as members of the IPMP group. role to a user, see Chapter 2, Working With the Solaris Management Console (Tasks).

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Note — You need to configure test addresses only if you want to use probe-based failure detection.

How to configure Solaris 10 Probe based IPMP

NIC qfe0 of group testgroup1 is not plumbed for IPv6 and may affect failover capability This message should appear when you have configured a test address for an interface.

Likewise for logical interface and test address. Avoid using spaces in group names. Address set to Awesome article and nicely explained. You should receive a status message regarding this event. An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the same system that are attached to the same IP link.

To ensure that each interface in the IPMP group functions properly, in. Physical Interface The physical sloaris provides a system’s attachment to an IP link. Failover can only occur when you have configured more than one interface in the IPMP group.


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A subnet number or prefix cannot be assigned to more than one IP link. Chef Open Source Community: Consider the example of four VLANs, bgebgebgeand bge Solaris 11 Administration Information Center unixadminschool. Add Data IP Address es to the group. Similarly, if you ipml as standby an interface that already has data addresses, these addresses automatically fail over to another interface in the IPMP group.

For an interface to use probe-based failure and repair detection, that interface must be configured with at least one test address. You can find specific documentation about DR from the following resources.

When a failure sllaris, the data addresses on the failed interface migrate to the standby interface.

How to configure Solaris 10 IPMP ? – UnixArena

An active interface is a physical interface that transmits both data traffic and probe configuratioj. The probes verify that the send and receive path to the interface is working correctly. Now i am going to enable it back. Configuratiion can observe this flag in the status lines for the interface in the ifconfig output.

For example, to create an IPv6 test address, you would type the following command: Service Milestones Solaris Arena-Node1 ifconfig eg1 Use the following syntax of the ifconfig command for configuring a test address: And the result is today’s’ unixadminschool. This can be done in two ways. Add IP interfaces to the group. Paid Training Courses we Offer. You can check the status of an interface by issuing the ifconfig interface command.


If the system has additional interfaces on a second IP link, you must configure these interfaces as another IPMP group. You use IPMP options of the ifconfig command to create the configuration. If one interface in the group is to become the standby interface, do solwris configure a test address iipmp that interface at this time.

IPv6 in Depth Reference. You can get information about test address configuration for a physical interface by specifying the logical interface that is assigned to the test address. You would type the following command: If no routers exist on the link, in.

Place each physical interface into an IPMP group.

Arena-Node1 dladm show-dev eg0 link: A standby interface can have only one IP address, the test address. Network access includes IPv4 unicast, multicast, and broadcast traffic, as well as IPv6 unicast and multicast traffic.

After failback, the original configuration is restored. Internet Key Exchange Overview. The standby interface in an IPMP group is not used for data traffic unless some other interface in the group fails. Verify the ifconfig output as well.

IPMP eliminates single network card failure and it ensures system will be always sloaris via network.