INFeD® improved the hemoglobin response to erythropoietic therapy in have been reported after administration of iron dextran injection, the drug should be. iron dextran – Drug Summary. Jump to INFeD Intramuscular Inj Sol: 1mL, 50mg . INFeD: INFeD is administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection. Allergan, Inc.: Intravenous or intramuscular injections of INFeD are indicated for treatment of patients with documented iron deficiency in whom.

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If no adverse reactions are observed, INFeD can be given according to the following schedule until the calculated total amount required has been reached. A subsidiary of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The following are generally accepted limits in the treatment of iron-deficient patients. Adults and Children over 15 kg 33 paackage Oral iron supplementation should be discontinued before parenteral administration of iron. Consult specialized references for amount of test dose to be given.

Iron dextran (INFeD)

Do not mix INFeD with other medications or add to parenteral nutrition solutions for intravenous infusion. Children 5 — 15 kg 11 — 33 lbs: There is no destructive metabolism of iron because it takes place in a closed system.

Parenteral iron dextran therapy is associated with a risk of serious hypersensitivity reactions or anaphylaxis.

Before administering therapeutic doses by any route, a test dose of 25 mg 0. A stable complex is formed that prevents iron from entering into further chemical reactions. Infusion should then be stopped for 1 hour. Observe patient for at least 1 hour after test dose administration. INFeD is given undiluted at a slow gradual rate not to exceed 50 mg 1 mL per minute. Once the infusion is completed, flush vein with NS injection.


Minor It is important that iron stores be replete before beginning therapy with darbepoetin alfa due to increased iron utilization. Total Dose Intravenous Inved []: A value of Excess accumulation may occur if iron therapy is continued after the correction of the deficiency.

Related Drug Information Drug Summary. If test dose uneventful, doses of 1. These dimercaprol-iron complexes are more toxic than the metal alone, especially to the kidneys.

A test dose should be administered before the administration of the therapeutic dose. Non-iron deficient animal data rats, mice, dogs and monkeys reveal that iron dextran crosses the placenta. However, iron deficiency may develop, especially in children and menstruating or pregnant women, or as a result of the low copper diet recommended for Wilson’s disease. Do not administer iron during dimercaprol treatment. Patients with a significant history of allergies e. Use actual body weight if less than lean body weight.

Ferric iron is then gradually released into the plasma where it combines rapidly with transferrin. Instructions for test dose administration for all lackage. Administration of iron does not stimulate the production of red blood cells, nor does it correct abnormalities not caused by iron deficiency.

Adults, Adolescents, and Children weighing more than 15 kg. Furthermore, concomitant use of angiotensin-converting enzyme padkage may increase the risk for serious reactions to iron dextran.

Parenteral iron supplement of ferric oxyhydroxide complexed with dextrans; rapidly repletes iron stores in deficiency from anemia or blood loss; sometimes associated with severe hypersensitivity. The extent of risk for anaphylactoid reactions to any specific iron dextran product is unknown and may vary among products. Iron dextran injection contains 50 mg of elemental iron per mL.


Dilution Iron Dextran (imferon ®) – GlobalRPH

If test dose uneventful, give the remainder of the total dose as 50 mg of iron dextran per day IM or slow IV until the total calculated dose is given. The test dose should be administered in the same recommended test site and by the same technique as described in the last paragraph of this section.

If test dose uneventful, infuse the remainder of the total calculated dose IV over 2 to 6 hours. Reticulocyte count will increase in days and peak in days.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis may have an acute exacerbation of joint pain and swelling following the administration of INFeD.

U.S. Prescribing Information Disclaimer

Cardiovascular adverse effects may also occur with iron dextran therapy, and do not necessarily indicate hypersensitivity. The liver is one of the main storage sites for iron, and advanced chronic liver disease may result in excess storage iron in the liver. Because inffd reactions are known to occur after uneventful test doses, subsequent test doses should be considered.

Intramuscular or Intravenous dosage.