The latest Tweets from IIT Buzzword (@iitbuzzword). An exclusive Monthly Magazine for Engineering Aspirants, from the India’s Leading Education Publishing. IIT Buzzword Magazine – Buy, Subscribe, Download and Read IIT Buzzword on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and on the web only. Description. This is a monthly magazine for IIT aspirants. I have 10 pieces of this magazine which is an assortment of various topics of PCM.

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Chemistry Spectrum Arihant Publications.

Advertising in IIT Buzzword can ensure favourability, purchase consideration as well as awareness for your brand. We guarantee you the best rates for Magazine advertising. The desire to satisfy the intellectual need of increasing buzzwird of engineering aspirants in the country has led to the conceptualization of IIT- Buzzword.

July Arihant Publications.

IIT-Buzzword is especially known for the inspirational young stories that it captures in its every issue. April Arihant Publications. February Arihant Publications.

Arihant Samsamayiki Arihant Publications. IT-Buzzword is especially known for the inspirational young stories that it captures in its buzzwoord issue. Creative Gaga Creative Gaga. Magazine advertising can be an expensive business, and that’s why we take time to study you and your market to ensure that your budget is well spent.


FE Financial Express. October Arihant Publications.

Arihant Publications IIT Buzzword, Fri, 3 Aug 12

Non Bleed ad is one where all content is within the safe area. General Articles on Health and concentration etc. IIT Buzzword is a magazine meant to pace up engineering preparation through smart work in lesser time.

Grihshobha Kannada Delhi Press. E – Mashi Online Magazine malayalambloggers. Advertising in magazines with Bookadsnow.

Mathematics Spectrum Arihant Publications. Edex Kerala Express Publications.

The monthly magazine covers topics of physics, chemistry and maths and supplements it with practice exercises and explanation that is easy to understand. In short, it is not a magazine that just talks but the one that facilitates the learning process. May Arihant Publications.

IIT Buzzword Advertisement Booking Online with Bookadsnow

What is the difference between Bleed and Non Bleed ad? Chemistry Spectrum Arihant Publications. Current Affairs Varshiki Arihant Publications. Banking Guru English Arihant Publications. Our team can help you choose the right coloured images, attractive fonts, and interesting formats to stand out among all your competitors.


Moreover, IIT Buzzword classifies questions into various levels and different sections so that students can easily hit on those areas that require immediate attention. Audience Interest A major factor of IIT Buzzword Magazine advertising effectiveness relative to many other media is the interest of the audience.

Also contributing to the effectiveness of IIT Buzzword Magazine ads is the potential for ongoing, repeated exposure. IIT Buzzword is a magazine meant to pace up engineering preparation through smart work in lesser time. This magazine has overreaders all over India who are gunning for engineering entrance examinations. You can use bleed images or color backgrounds — meaning have them extend all the way to the page edges, without a border — to present buzzwotd product image that really buzzwodd out.

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