AAAE abides by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations regarding booth construction. and/or in their event’s rules and regulations at – non (IAEE). Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations are created to promote. The IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations were originally created to promote continuity and consistency among North American exhibitions.

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Crandall, National Defense University, crandallm ndu. A flame proofing certificate should be available for inspection. Information regarding ADA compliance is available from the U. Materials that cannot be treated to meet the requirements are not advised. Electrical Every exhibit facility has different electrical requirements; however, minimum guidelines are suggested: Canopies, including ceilings, umbrellas and canopy frames, can be either decorative or functional such as to shade computer monitors from ambient light or for hanging products.

Lighting that spins, rotates, pulsates and other specialized lighting effects should be in good taste and not interfere with neighboring Exhibitors or otherwise detract from the general atmosphere of the event.

The maximum height of 8′ 2. The pdf output of LaTeX files should also be submitted, preferably using the template available on our web site, which will format the article according to our style requirements and allow you to place graphics, tables etc appropriately.

All exhibiting companies are required to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA and are encouraged to be sensitive, and as reasonably accommodating as possible, to attendees with disabilities. The base of the Canopy should not be lower than seven feet 7ft 2.

Foodservice Shows

Authors, please submit an iafe copy of your paper in pdf format for refereeing, with the guidelined names included at http: The first page should contain the article title, guidelnies s name s and complete affiliation stitle, and complete mailing address of the person to whom all correspondence should be addressed.


All volt wiring should be grounded three-wire. A Perimeter Booth is a Linear Booth that backs to an outside wall of the exhibit facility rather than to another exhibit. Double-sided signs, logos and graphics shall be set back ten feet 10ft 3.

The Energy Journal quarterly issues include: Refer to local building codes that regulate temporary structures. Table top booths have only one side exposed to the aisle and are generally arranged in a series gidelines a straight line. Our membership consists of those working in guidellines the public and private sectors including government, academic and commercial. All guidelines for Linear Booths apply to Extended Header Booths, except that the center extended header has a maximum height of 8ft 2.

IAEE offers a wide variety of products and services designed to help you achieve your professional goals and take your career to the next level. Submitted papers may undergo electronic web-based analysis to ensure their originality and to identify possible cases of plagiarism.

If this is the case, the author s are required to write a letter to the Editor in charge of the paper to explain the circumstances. No iaew of any kind is allowed behind booths or near electrical service. Ceiling supported truss hangs and hanging signs are not permitted No lighting, fixtures, lighting trusses or overhead lighting are allowed outside the boundaries of the exhibit space.

International Association for Energy Economics :: The Energy Journal

All guidelines for Linear Booths apply to Perimeter Booths except that the maximum back wall height is twelve feet 12ft 3. Canopy supports should be no wider than three inches 3in. IAEE meets globally between three to five times per year. When a Peninsula Booth backs up to two Linear Booths, the back wall is restricted to four feet 4ft 1.

It is important that atmospheric effects, such as fog, haze, and theatrical smoke effects be safe. If approved, exhibitor would need to pay for fire watch, according to approved demonstration schedule.


Authors submitting a manuscript do so with the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, copyright in the article, including the right to reproduce the article in all forms and media, shall be assigned exclusively to The Energy Journal. Table of Contents Alerts. All tables should have concise titles. In addition to the figures placed in the manuscript files, each figure must be provided unembedded as a separate, high-resolution file at least ppi, and ppi recommended for typesetting.

To coordinate your vehicle delivery to your booth, please contact Bobby Hackett at Bobby. The Energy Journal is committed to the principle that results in papers that it publishes must be replicable.

Flammable and Toxic Material All materials used in display buidelines or decorating should be made of retardant materials and be certified as flame retardant. Crates or cases used for display must be masked or in exhibition suitable condition. Manuscript Submission The Energy Journal publishes original theoretical and empirical papers devoted to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge on energy and related topics.

Manuscripts may not exceed pages or 9, words. This applies to any booth configuration that has a line-of-site iaed, such as Linear Booth. The height restriction is the same as that which applies to the appropriate exhibit configuration being used.

Submission to The Energy Journal implies that the authors grant permission that such analyses may be performed. The Journal will not refuse any reasonable request by the author for permission to reproduce any of his or her contributions to the journal. For questions please contact emir.

Content and editorial board composition are international in scope.