by. Jeremy Silman. · Rating details · ratings · 42 reviews. How to Reassess Your Chess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked. The Reassess Your Chess Workbook; Jeremy Silman; pages; Siles Press, The definitive answer to my title line would be welcomed. The snarky side of my mind says the reason there are x editions of the book is Silman wants to make money. This is not evil, but really you only need one of the .

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I have and like his endgame silmam. An excellent work by Silman! Rooks like open files. Nov 24, Hundreds of games brought to life by instruction-rich prose, and stories that offer humor while highlighting various lessons, vividly illustrate all the book’s topics in a manner that’s both personal and fun.

Book Review: How To Reassess Your Chess

PaperbackExpanded, Third Editionpages. Of course, there are certainly worthwhile exceptions out there many published by small presses. It is taken for granted among tournament players that they have either read this book, own this book, or are at least familiar enough with this book to understand casual references to it.

For examples, he mainly uses instructional games between him and his students, and as such he spends a great deal of the book insulting his students.

Whereas material advantages tend to stay forever, imbalances like initiative and developed pieces are quite ephemeral, so they need to be used soon, otherwise you lose it.

Many of the ideas are in algebraic chess notation, and unless you are particularly good at visualizing the board, you should probably have one handy. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. It’s the type of book you have to go through a few times for everything to really stick, but after you do you’ll have gained an awareness of a lot of things that you hadn’t before.


I must confess I haven’t ‘read’ this book. It is seriously one of the best books out there for – players.

How to Reassess Your Chess: The Complete Chess Mastery Course by Jeremy Silman

When posting positions, title them appropriately – White fhess move and win, What’s the best line for black? Bishops like open diagonals and open position. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Developing Preventive Thinking by Mark Dvoretsky.

By explaining the thought processes that go into a master’s choice of move, the author presents a system of thought that makes advanced strategies seem clear, logical and at times even obvious.

The jedemy edition is more advanced and more focused on his imbalances approach to chess. Silman’s book is very good – and there aren’t many other books that cover so many themes at the pace he does. It isn’t exhaustive by any means, but it does cover the basics. Submit a new link.

Here comes the knight – bishop battle Knights like central, protected squares and closed positions. Need to go back through it again to really get the full value.

The Week in Chess

This book seemed to me mostly fluff. It’s one jerey those books that every chess player should own, in my estimation. I’m still a total beginner and will read the book again to pick up on additional details and reinforce the concepts. Passed pawns are not always good: Dec 26, Sam James rated it really liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book. For working purposes, I would define this audience as encompassing players from about to Rooks Probably the easiest part.

Try to exchange the bishops in that case, and put your knight into an advanced support point or close the center.

Interestingly, a substantial percentage of my TWIC-generated email after you exclude the obnoxious ones! Yes, I read it and it really helped me. Play where your pawn chain points. The first part covers endgames, the second part covers Silman’s Thinking Technique and the list of Imbalances, the third covers Calculation and Combinations, the Fourth covers Minor Pieces in the middle game and so on.


One covers just a vast amount of conceptual territory in our trek through these well-chosen examples, some of which are virtually impossible to solve completely, but all of which lead to fruitful discussion.

Would You Recommend How to Reassess Your Chess by Silman? – Chess Forums –

And if you’ve read the deservedly famous 3rd edition you know that there were typesetting issues and other minor things that didn’t detract from the quality of the instruction but kept you or at least me from thinking the thing had been meticulously proofed. This was released in December Chees lose track of these weaknesses, as it is probably how you will need to pursue your plan.

Like most chess instructors that I know, I find many of the leading instructional books superficial, poorly written, and thoughtlessly imitative. How to Reassess Your Chess: Chess Spoiler format for problem answers etc.

I couldn’t find any silmxn to help follow the book. I still think of terms like Running from Ghosts and the curse of the mindless king hunter when looking at a position.

I think most people who read this book will share my opinion. Jeeemy, its main function is to address those who have achieved a certain level of play in the aforementioned range and are having difficulty improving.

How the Reassess Your Chess offers invaluable knowledge and insight that cannot be found in any other book. Has anyone recently read “How to Reassess Your Chess”? Finally, I should note that this book shows every sign of having required a gargantuan effort from the author. Use the message the moderators link if your posts or comments don’t appear, or for help with any administrative matters.