In Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis, Mia Appleby’s humble beginnings haunt her no matter how hard she tries, even though she’s managed to. Read Her Sexiest Mistake online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile . Her Sexiest Mistake is a Romance novel by Jill Shalvis. I liked the hero in this story who was the steady durable one pushing for more from the relationship but the heroine was something else. I liked how they dealt.

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Review: Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis

Audible Jul Audible Studios. I appreciated her reasoning even when I knew she was heading in the wrong direction. Hope just wanted a better life, and kept people from seeing her insecurity with her bad attitude. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I wanted something light to read. Such a great read and so much love packed sexifst pages it was unbelievably hard to breathe sometimes.

Mia has even lost her southern accent so people will see how she i Gah! But it sure made me think about it! She ran hot and cold for so long and Kevin put up with her dismissing him as just her stress reliever when he wanted so xhalvis more.

Hoping there’s going to be a book about Tess and Mike.

Review: Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis – Book Binge

He wants Mia to open up to him. He thought more was between them then just a one night stand and he is determined to make her see that too. Kevin McNight has moved back to his old neighborhood to try and make some kind of a life for himself and his adult handicapped brother, Mike. If I had one complaint, it’s that I wish Hope could have stayed with Mia. I guess the thing that bothered me most was then end.


Something tells him this is the way she handles most men. It is not a part of any series so the characters were all new. Jill Shalvis novels never fail to put me in a good mood, and this one delivered, for the most part anyways. Mia has a new neighbor whom she brought cookies to. The attraction between the two — beyond the physical, at least — was a bit of a mystery to me.

This book is so cute, funny, and it has aha moments too, for all. I guess my big problem with this novel was the main character Mia Apple Appleby. Fun, sexy, real life. He’s got that protective side down pat. I like that they are comfortable and fluid in their sexuality. Write your own comment on this book! Apr 26, Shxrxn rated it it was ok.

Her one blistering hot night of sex with no strings gets very tangled as she can’t seem to follow her own rules of no repeating and her life gets even more tangled up with Kevin’s as her niece, Hope, shows up one day and invades her life. He knows her life is empty, and he wants her to see that and to make room for him.


And there’s not really a sens of Kevin being anything but perfect. So refreshing, such a heartfelt, funny, breezy and still such an intense book all at the same time, in a way that only Jill can write it.

I gotta have control and I keep my emotions at bay as well. In a lot of ways I felt her character was authentic, though.

I much preferred her best friend Tess, whom, I relate to more so that is probably why. Check out my review No Book Left Behind. It was hard to put down. He didn’t seem to match up with Mia all that much.

She stubbornly denies him that, though. I liked salvis this book had a building undercurrent of emotional and personal payoff on more than one surface.

All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own. What can I say, I loved it, even though Mia was such an unlikeable character. Kevin is a fixer who spends most of his time trying to keep Mike out of trouble and teach summer school science to uninterested teens, all while trying to keep the local teen center open.

I also liked the side story with her friend and his brother.