Now-a-days, cornucopia of exams consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs). Whether an exam is for admissions or recruitments, MCQs. FMGE test prep exam questions for students looking to review questions for the Foreign of the very best, classic, simulated Multiple Choice Questions. – Buy MCQ Points for FMGE & DNB book online at best prices in India on Read MCQ Points for FMGE & DNB book reviews & author.

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Morphine and pentazocine both act upon similar receptors in the central nervous system and produce analgesia. Affects Small and Medium Sized Arteries…. It is very informative and very helpful on my study.

Posterior communicating artery is a branch of: SS Medicine Mock Tests. Morphine and pentazocine both act upon similar receptors in the central nervous system and produce analgesia.

Now-a-days, cornucopia of exams consists of multiple choice questions MCQs. Most common site of Morgagni hernia is: All are true about the trigone of the urinary bladder except: An increase in gut peristalsis D. Coldness and Numbness of toes is the 1st sign 6. A full agonist action D. Till the tertiary bronchus b. All of the following statements about neuromuscular blockage produced by succinylcholine are true, except: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. What is the approximate half-life of this drug assuming zero kinetics?

The likely diagnosis fmgee The enophthalmos that is seen is because of the ptosis.


If pentazocine is given to a morphine addict it may produce withdrawal symptoms. Which of the following is considered a proprietary name for this substance? A 27 year old female was brought to emergency department for acute abdominal pain following which she was shifted to the operation theatre mq laparotomy. A 43 year old woman came with a large abscess in the middle of the right posterior triangle of the neck.

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Saturday, 06 May Here are few techniques that will add up in your preparation of solving MCQs: Also, you should strongly determine and trust your-self that you can pass the exam no matter how different the exam pattern is. She was conscious and alert but voluntary respiratory effort was limited. How to utilize the final 45 days before FMGE. fge

In the lungs bronchial arteries supply the bronchopulmonary tree: Blanching, Dusky cyanosis, Red engorgement. All of the following physiological processes occur during the growth at the Epiphyseal plate except: Brain stores everything in its subconscious mind, therefore, by reading the options again and again, answer will automatically click in your mind.

Parenteral drug absorption in a mc with congestive cardiac failure might be expected to result in: Sodium hydrogen carbonate is sold as a drug under various names such as alkali, baking soda, uracol, and sodium bicarbonate.

Structures that pass from thorax to abdomen behind the diaphragm are all except: Rotatory movements are not possible at the wrist joint. No post tetanic facilitation D.

Protected from light Fentanyl induced chest wall rigidity D. Preparation along with gut feeling will definitely score you a point. Which type of name is best to use in clinical practice? Vmge taking the drug with food B. Difference between typical cervical and thoracic vertebra: Summarized Version of the milestones is here for you.


Till segmental bronchi c.

Five days later the patient noticed that she could not extend her right hand above her head to brush her hair. Procedure given below was assumed for Andhra Pradesh Students.

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Select the option logically and opt the one which is near to what you have studied related to that topic. Tony pls check the days below the dates for forensic nd gyn Arterial Aneurysm is Infra renal part of abdominal aorta 3. Rete testis- efferent tubules- straight tubules c. SS Paediatrics Mock Tests. Which of the following factors would not be expected to contribute to compliance with drug treatment in the elderly?

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If aspirin is administered together with warfarin, what is the most likely outcome with respect to protein binding? All of the following statements regarding vas deferns are true except: Sai Pardhu January 23, at 6: Why is it important to assess the number of medications an elderly client is taking?

It is possible to refer to a medication using different names.