[email protected] Knows, is a book that will make readers aware of how small changes in what they follow and what they choose, can have a profound impact on their lives . [email protected] KnowsShailendra SinghRupa pagesRs You know you’ve landed a ‘different’ book to review when the author first directs you to a. The blurb for Shailendra Singh’s book ‘[email protected] Knows’ gives the impression of a self-improvement book and the author seems to have himself.

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If you are allergic to the terminology you may not enjoy the book! How awesome is that?

[email protected] Knows: Buy [email protected] Knows by Singh Shailendra at Low Price in India |

Mostly I kind of skipped that word, Which was like skipping too many words a page: Jnows man who has made Rs. Kudos to him for that! It’s just the usual reaction to the topic but I felt that could have been shortened still Overall, I won’t say this book is for everyone.

But isn’t success a matter of perception? Inows goals for each day when we wake up, is an idea I really appreciate. I am surprised that the author wrote that about himself.

As for creating any clarity in the minds of youth about how to conduct their futures, the book is truly speaking no use.

Mar 25, Pratibha rated it it was ok. Knowss book conveys how it worked for him. Find yourself Because youre probably lost. I, individually, very very much liked the way he has handled the point of F? I went through that phase of devouring self-improvement books by the dozen when I was in my teens and still under the illusion that personalities could be quick-fixed by reading a few books.


The book is a self-help book with a difference. It is all fine to say “Follow your gut and not what lies below” but also touting knowss cars and hotter girl-friends is not really a plug for ignoring what lies beneath the gut.

I picked inows up coz the name looked catchy: What are the total number of pages.? But the point being told is – He was led to live his father’s life under his own skin. You want to show it.

Have never been able to read a ‘self-improvement’ book beyond the first few pages He fears he will be questioned by big authors like Deepak Chopra or Salman Rushdie for bringing down the levels of Indian writing but all his fears can go take a hoot as who the F? May be because I read this book with the intention of reviewing it, I did not exactly feel this would help me achieve any of the above claims. Tough for me to get the pages turning! I used to enjoy self help books too.

How many people do you know who have fame, wealth, money, family plus rub shoulders with the who’s whos of almost every field in For more book reviews, check out I Read, Ergo I Write Some people would tell you that if you don’t stand for swearing, then dont read this book.

Mar 06, Vinay Leo R. I found the ‘Chi F?

Live life like you give a f? An excerpt from the book- ” You can only make fun of something which is popular – otherwise the joke ain’t funny!

Some of the things we already know but reading it helps us think how we are wasting our time living someone else life and we should do something for our self.

Why do we care so much about others? Paperbackpages. I’m just a cool dude, telling you cool things.

Add 3 Items to Cart. Jun 11, Keshav rated it it was ok. Certified BuyerBangalore. He tells the readers not to repeat the same mistakes.


[email protected] Knows by Shailendra Singh

According to him, ‘ No one really wants to acknowledge mnows darker side of the life. Told with sparkling, flavourful and in-your-face humour, this book will advise you on how to: Mar 07, Ankita rated it liked @, Shelves: For me, the only ‘loser’ is the sort of person who is totally dissatisfied with himself. A sports marketing guru, an advertising whiz, a Bollywood producer, a shrewd dealmaker, founder of Percept Advertising — on first glance, one may think that he has it all sorted out.

Overall a brilliant read that kicks you in the butt to ge The book starts off great.

When a book in one chapter says, “Don’t let THEM dictate what you should do” and in another knowx, “Who konws considered a success – a carter or a CEO” there is an automatic element of contradiction. The way author describes ” How to read the book” in the prologue and the acknowledgements in the epilogue will definitely leave you in smiles. Find the answers to lifes most important questions with the help of uber-successful entrepreneur, Shailendra Singh, co-founder of Percept and inceptor of Sunburn.

[email protected] Knows

@kk I stopped long back, Amit. K knows why some things both good and bad happen to certain people and not to others. Will this book be the next bestseller? One more thing which was not clear is about the legal issue in Middle east in