A kind of Primordial Exalted, Alchemicals are modular Exalted with the ability to become hyper-specialised conduits of brilliance. Although they tend to focus. In Autochthonia, however, the Exalted do not rule. They exist to protect and serve. Alchemicals of the Orichalcum Caste, then, lead by example. The Alchemical Exalted are the Exalted native to the machine world of Autochthonia. Their powers are granted to them by the Primordial Autochthon. They are.

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The Solar Exalted were Chosen to lead and to rule in radiant glory over their fellows and Creation itself. In Autochthonia, however, the Exalted do not rule. They exist to protect and serve. Alchemicals of the Orichalcum Caste, then, lead by example. Assuming a position as first alchemicwls equals, the Shining Ones act as trailblazers, innovators and inspirational icons. By their excellence, they goad their societies to be excellent.

Applying their genius to national infrastructure, the art of war or their own personal evolution, Archons stand at the cutting edge of Autochthonian society. Moving from success to success and greatness to greatness, they broadcast a message to their peers and subordinates: Exceeding the bounds of possibility is easier for these Exalts than it is for others, however, which sometimes produces friction alchsmicals frustration. Many Shining Ones have little patience for those who are unable to keep up with their brilliant deductions, devastating martial prowess and instinctive political acumen.

Nothing embitters an Orichalcum Caste so much as submitting a eaxlted proposal only to see it rejected by his Tripartite Assembly because they cannot understand allchemicals. For a soul to imbue an Archon with life, its past incarnations must have been visionaries who pursued larger-than-life goals without restraint. The cleric who institutes sweeping doctrinal reform, the senior plutarch who brings vast prosperity to his city, the celebrant who attempts to establish international orthodoxy, the victorious Militate alcchemicals, the revolutionary Scholar engineer—these are the lives alchemicala combine to create the personality of a Shining One.

Because opportunities to pursue epic goals are mostly restricted to members of the Tripartite, Orichalcum Castes who possess memory-echoes of lives among the Populat are rare. This exacerbates and to the Archons, justifies already endemic trends toward arrogance. The Flames of Autochthon often attempt to assume a leadership role when working in an assembly, outfitting themselves for that purpose as the situation dictates.

This can be of great benefit if the Archon is skilled at recognizing group aptitudes and delegating tasks accordingly, or disastrous if the Exalt is simply willful. In any event, an Archon can be counted upon to head up group think tanks, to place himself in the thick of battle or to step forward to inspire the masses on behalf of his fellows.

Their obsession with progress tends to drive Orichalcum Castes to upgrade themselves early and frequently, climbing the ladder toward transhuman evolution as quickly as the demands of minimum enlightenment allow. Technologically inclined elder Archons often incorporate complex fabrication facilities into their own bodies, while martially inclined Shining Ones transform themselves into mobile combat platforms bristling with experimental weapon systems.

As they grow sessile, Orichalcum Castes literally become the cities of tomorrow that they have spent centuries designing, acting as test beds for their own infrastructural, technological and sociological theories.

Orichalcum Caste Charms are clean, streamlined devices of burnished brass, gold and orichalcum. Crystal windows and alchemically hardened glass reveal bubbling fluids, spinning gears and sliding pistons driving Essence to power these implanted artifacts. The animas of the Archons blaze forth as storms of golden fire and actinic vortices of white lightning.

Metal brought into this firestorm often sparks and dances with traces of energy for minutes afterward. By reflexively spending five motes, Shining Ones may charge their bodies with golden lightning for a scene. This energy visibly surges at the point of contact whenever they strike in close combat, while projectiles crackle with a destructive nimbus as they race toward targets. Orichalcum Castes are forceful beings in every respect: Although not necessarily likable, they are literally and undeniably awe-inspiring.


The Lunar Exalted were Chosen to safeguard Creation and those things in it worth protecting. In the Realm of Brass and Shadow, everything is precious—not individually, of course, but the sum totality of Autochthonian society must be defended from those forces that would seek to destabilize or even destroy it. The Moonsilver Caste exists to fulfill this function.

The Mirrorblades use their special aptitude for stealth and disguise to locate and neutralize threats from within. They use their preternatural agility and martial skill to destroy threats from without.

Exalts of the Moonsilver Caste are peerless spies, infiltrators, assassins and saboteurs. They make sure that Autochthonia harbors no secrets that might destroy it, primarily by making sure that it harbors no secrets at all.

Answering publicly only to the Tripartite Assemblies of their city and nation, the Razors of Autochthon compose a powerful tool of state intelligence and security.

Their deceptions, the Theomachracy assures a sometimes nervous Populat, serve to uncover the greater truth. They describe internal chains of command within the Moonsilver Caste, with young Mirrorblades reporting to and secretly taking orders from their elders. These tales are whispered, of course.

The Razors of Autochthon might be listening, after all. A Protean comes to life only when bonded to a soul that has displayed a history of heroic innovation and adaptation. As a result, Proteans are often changeable, open to new ideas and of two minds about a subject. They are not known for their deliberation, however. The Razors of Autochthon act quickly under pressure.

Their habit of weighing all options makes them unpredictable, not indecisive. Alchemicwls Castes rarely lead their assemblies. They are often deployed as scouts, assassins, decoys, saboteurs, infiltrators and front-line fighters. They are not only comfortable in these roles but, in many cases, equally able to adapt them to combat missions, social affairs and political maneuvering.

Elder Proteans either deploy avatar-drone bodies to allow themselves to continue working as spies, saboteurs and covert killers, or else abandon such tasks to the young, repurposing their vast bodies for alchemmicals in the Far Reaches.

Alchemicals – 1d4chan

These frighteningly agile and powerful behemoths spy on the workings of gods, infiltrate gremlin nests and execute lightning raids on rogue elements within the body of the Great Maker, leaving behind only shredded steel and eerie silence to mark their passing. When Moonsilver Castes finally take root, they blossom into strikingly beautiful organic spires and exalfed architectural curves.

Inhabitants of these patropoli go about their business in safety, secure in the knowledge that their cities are watching over them.

Moonsilver Charms display smooth, organic curves and seem to have been grown rather than forged. The bodies of Mirrorblades express a biomechanical grace that is both beautiful and chilling. The animas of this caste radiate out as shimmering ripples in the air like agitated quicksilver, rhythmically flickering between pale silver and white. Any object that passes through this field becomes cold and wet to the touch for some time afterward, though no visible moisture collects on it.

By reflexively spending five motes, a Protean may suffuse her being with the flowing grace of quicksilver. In this state, her quickened senses perceive the world moving in slow motion through a faint silver tint. In contrast, she perceives her own accelerated body moving at its normal pace.

The Razors of Autochthon are universally nimble and quick, favoring finesse over force.

They are socially mercurial, adapting themselves to expectations and desires as best facilitates their missions or simply avoiding notice altogether. The Terrestrial Exalted were Chosen to embody strength through unity and to know the humble joy of service. These things are also true of the Jade Caste, but with a key difference: The Hammers of Autochthon perform their heroic labors in service to the state, not their fellow Exalts.

Indeed, the very notion of greater and lesser Exalted is alien to Autochthonia in general and to the egalitarian Jade Caste especially. The Stone Hands are, in many ways, the popular face of the Alchemical Exalted. Industrial titans, labor czars, limitless fonts of morale and indefatigable warriors, Executives are not afraid to get their hands dirty when a job needs doing.


Still, being able to perform the work of 10 men does not mean the Hammers of Autochthon work alone. Such a thing runs contrary to the ethos of Autochthonia, which Stone Hands embody. They can frequently be found applying themselves to enormous public-works projects, leading squads of Populat volunteers on gremlin hunts, drilling self-defense forces or performing superhuman feats of labor to help failing factories meet their quotas.

Being the closest thing Autochthonia has to populist Exalted makes the Jade Caste enormously well liked among the Populat, but it also makes them susceptible to one of the most deadly failings possible for an Alchemical—selfishness. Daily contact with mortals promotes personal attachments that can get in the way of rational decision making. A commander must be willing to spend any and all of his troops should necessity demand it. An industrial rescue project must set the greatest good above the fate of any one threatened mortal.

Making such decisions and seeing them through is often difficult for Executives. A Stone Hand may be catalyzed only by a soul that has risked or sacrificed itself on behalf of others over the course of many, many lives.

The Stone Hands are humble because they have known victory tainted by tragedy. They are respectful toward those weaker than themselves because they remember the price of heroism and the need for unity. Those who mistake this attitude for weakness seldom live long enough to realize the error of their logic.

Stone Hands most often work at the forefront of an assembly. They form the pillar that supports their comrades, be it by providing spiritually fortifying tales and performances or absorbing impossible levels of punishment in battle.

Elder Executives often devote themselves to the service of their patropolis, constructing enormous Municipal Charms and rapidly responding to industrial accidents.

Others become dedicated guardians of their home cities. These massive living weapons deploy themselves at the spearhead of exploration and reclamation projects in nearby areas of the Reaches or mercilessly crush any gremlin or foreign attack on the places they call home. The oldest Jade Castes become the familiar urban-industrial landscape of Autochthonia, orthodox city templates from which other castes are defined by their deviance. Jade Charms are simple and functional, usually blocky and almost always unadorned.

The Hammers of Autochthon vary wildly in coloration, with some sporting a kaleidoscope of colors. Most are more restrained and conservative, displaying one or two complimentary hues of jade.


The animas of this caste express the alchemicald of the predominant types of jade used in their Charms and typically incorporate layers of intersecting polyhedrons in a geometric lattice. By reflexively spending five motes, Executives can fortify their flesh against injury. Executives are built to endure the trials of industry and to lead mortals in both war and peace.

Both of these tasks often require them to adjust their plans to circumvent unseen challenges. The Sidereal Exalted were Chosen to wisely advise and enhance the efforts of their fellows and their world. The Starmetal Caste, similarly, endeavors to optimize the efficiency of their assemblies and of Autochthonian society as a whole. Where the Orichalcum Caste leads by example and holds its brilliance forth for all to see and wonder over, however, the Plot Weavers alchemmicals subtlety.

The hand that is not seen, they say, accomplishes the most. The caste engages in social engineering, draws up six-year infrastructural plans and exhaustively collates economic, military exaltes social data of all sorts.

Starmetals prepare their nations for wars no one else realizes are coming, plan ahead for shortfalls no other statistical models have seen far enough ahead to predict and make sure that crucial information reaches the ears that need to hear it.