Siemens Euroset Service Manual service life of the SIEMENS S Motrec E Manual Siemens Euroset Bedienungsanleitung PDF Siemens Euroset analog phone. Siemens Euroset As an IT freelancer I spend my spare time between projects on small jobs for. Klicken sie hier auf euroset Suchergebnis anzuzeigen. Laden Sie Handbuch Telefon/ Handy SIEMENS EUROSET · Laden Sie Handbuch: Telefon/.

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This does not only require configuring their Internet access, LAN and servers but occasionally involves buying and setting up stuff. Being used to phones I simply hooked it up, dialled a number, lifted the handset to my ear and waited for the call to get through but nothing happened. I tried it a few times checking chords, power and number in the process but to no avail.


As explained in the manual one has got to dial the number, press OK and only then lift the handset and — for whatever reason — wait two secs before the call bedienjngsanleitung made!

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When you want to use the speakerphone instead, you simply dial and press the loudspeaker button skipping the OK button entirely. Now where is the sense in that assuming of course this is a criteria in the development process?

Dialling with the handset on the hook you can easily add ekroset, R-key functions or correct ciphers and then lift the headset thereby confirming your choice of making the call.

Why the heck is it required to give an extra confimation with the OK button? Needless to say the ladies at the reception were less than thrilled having to adapt to the weird way of Siemens engineer thinking to get on with their calls.


The Euroset manual is not available on the Siemens website in English. Sigh, here it is. Can you please email me a user manual for this phone in english.

And even so, having the phone default to headset mode is bfdienungsanleitung flaw in itself. Probably usually sold to call centers: If not, thumb down.

OK by me… NOT!

Siemens Euroset 5035 analog phone

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