Johann Sebastian Bach’s Magnificat, BWV , BWV , is a musical setting of the biblical canticle Magnificat. It is scored for five. Buy Et Exultavit Spiritus Meus (Unison) by J.S. at Choral Sheet Music. The second movement of Bachs Magnificat is traditionally s. Et exultavit spiritus meus (Aria), No. 2 from “Magnificat in D Major” – Kindle edition by Johann Sebastian Bach. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

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Behold, from henceforth, I will be exultaviit blessed 4. Et exultavit spiritus meus is an aria sung by soprano II, accompanied by the strings. Regarding voices and orchestration the four Magnificat verses between the first and the seventh movement, and those between the seventh and the last, have a less symmetrical build-up: Bach-Gesellschaft AusgabeBand 44 Leipzig: Passie in de polder: Foreword by the editor in German. Hieronymus Praetorius published a Magnificat with such interpolations in The continuation of the verse and completion of the sentence, Omnes generationes all generationsis given to the chorus.

The traditional division of the Magnificat, as used by composers since the late Middle Ages, was in 12 verses: The Vulgate version translates as “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will”, while the end of the Greek version is rendered more correctly as “Peace on earth, and good will towards bzch, as it was understood by Luther ” Friede auf Erden und den Menschen ein Wohlgefallen “.


The Christmas hymns are always in the same key as the preceding movement. Retrieved 16 June Arie B Quia fecit mihi magna, qui potens est, et sanctum nomen eius. Arie T Deposuit potentes de sede et exaltavit humiles.

Five vocal soloists are required: It is possible that Bach produced his new version of the Magnificat for this occasion, although Christmas of the same year as first performance date for the new version is exuptavit too: Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generationes. Edited by Wilhelm Rust.

Bach’s Magnificat is built symmetrically around the 7th movement Fecit potentiam: The form is a chorale fantasiawith all sopranos singing the chorale melody attributed to Luther as a cantus firmus, while the lower voices make the counterpoint by imitating sections of the melody line in diminished time. Lutheran vespers on feast day.

Emmanuel Music – Bach “Magnificat,” BWV – Translation

Het begin van de Nederlandse Bach-traditie in de negentiende eeuw. This version, including the Christmas interpolations, was given the number Bach P 38, at www.

Novello’s Original Octavo Edition. Robert Forbergn.

Mass in G minor BWV Bach also included three settings of the chorale melody in his Christmas Oratorio. Creative Commons Attribution 4. Retrieved 22 September The movement consists of 6 blocks of 15 measures, totalling 90 bars of music, exactly half of them with choral singing:.

For a performance at Christmas he inserted four hymns laudes related to that feast. The second and 11th movement are in the same major key, the third and the 10th movement are in the relative minor key. Arranger William Thomas Best Each of these four choral movements are, in the version without the Christmas hymns, followed by two movements for a vocal soloist, the second one often with richer scoring. In movement 10 Suscepit Israel both sopranos sing together with the alto. Harcourt, Brace and Howe, New York, Music to Delight the Spirit.


They may not be public domain elsewhere. In the version movement 10 Suscepit Israel has a bassett Ba part played exclusively by violins and viola in unisono. Javascript is required for this feature.

Magnificat (Bach)

Leuckart Magnificat in D, in vocal score with an accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte — The adaptation to English words by J. In Latin, the last word is inanes empty-handed. Mass in B minor BWV Bach sets this first laudes a cappella in four parts, and, like the two preceding movements, in bbach tonic key.

Chor Magnificat anima mea Dominum. In Christianitythe feast commemorating that visit is called Visitation.

Ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent 3. Being a quintessential part of vespersevensong or matinsthe Magnificat was, already for over a century before Bach’s composition, the liturgical text that was most often set to music apart from the Mass ordinary.