HOW TO PASS EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES UNIT I CIRCUIT ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES Syllabus: Kirchoff’s current and voltage. EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES Syllabus for Anna University Second semester B.E | (For ECE, CSE, IT and Biomedical Engg. II – VIII SEMESTERS CURRICULUM AND SYLLABI. SEMESTER II EC Engineering Mechanics. (For non-circuit branches). Circuit Theory. (For branches .

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J and Witczak M. At the end of each session of English Lab, review exercises are given for the students to answer and the computer evaluated sheets are to be compiled as record notebook. S, Structural Analysis — Vol. Based Upon the theorems problem will be asked Study ef2151 New Delhi, 3. Tamilnadu PWD Code, 3. Free jet test setup 1 8 Aluminium plates with deflection 7. No Details of Equipments Qty Req. Drawing Instrument 20 sllabus. The dynamics of fluids is introduced through the control volume approach which gives an integrated under standing of the transport of mass, momentum and energy.

Frequency response of series and parallel resonance circuits. To help students acquire the ability to speak effectively in English in real-life situations. Test involving axial compression to obtain the stress — strain curve Test involving axial tension to obtain the stress — strain curve and the strength Test involving torsion to obtain the torque vs.

Performance of airplane in level flight – Power available and power required curves. Plumbing System for Buildings — One pipe and two pipe system. Ltd, New Delhi, Speaking – Role play — group discussions — Activities giving oral instructions. Design and Modeling of spar components. Determination of forces in statically indeterminate force system. The methods introduced in the solution of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations will be useful in attempting any engineering problem.


Sharp nosed and Blunt nosed models 1 No. Writing short proposals of 2 pages for starting a project, solving problems, etc. Performance test on piston wheel turbine 9. Determination of Binder Content 2.

Characteristics of CE configuration 8. Log In Sign Up. Flow visualization in water flow channel 3. Column Test Apparatus 1 7, 8 9. Finally, the student shall be in a position to shllabus and plan any type of irrigation project.

The subject can be mastered best by solving numerous problems.

Module Overview

Different types of flight vehicles, classifications. No Equipments Qty Experiments No. Creation of 3-D models of simple objects and obtaining 2-D multi-view drawings from 3-D model.

After undergoing this course, the student would have learnt fluid properties and application to real situations of fluid flow.

Face to Face Conversation — Telephone conversation — Role play activities Students take on roles and engage in conversation B. Force measurement using wind tunnel balance. Darcy — Weisbach equaition. Measurement of self inductance of a coil 7. Microwave system, measuring principle, working principle, sources of error, microwave EDM instruments, comparison with Electrooptical system, care and maintenance of EDM instruments, Modern Positioning Systems.

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civil syllabus – CAHCET

Teacher — Ec2511 and systems for students 2. Drawing of a plan of residential building Two bed rooms, kitchen, hall, etc. Jet Engine — reassembly. Body language, gestures, postures. Marketing engineer convincing a customer to buy his product. Introducing oneself, Ec21151 others, Role play, Debate- Presentations: This course enables the students to develop skill on evaluation of the pavements and to decide appropriate types of maintenance. The Career Lab 2 Periods may be handled by any competent teacher, not necessarily from English Department 3.

civil syllabus – CAHCET

Textile Technology Fashion Technology 6. Students participate in group discussions. Types, Bearing capacity — Requirement of good foundations. Simple statistical analysis and application of probability distribution of rainfall and run off shall also be understood.

Faulty heat treatment and design failures, processing failures forging, casting, machining etc. Upright Drilling Machine 2No. Verification of maximum power transfer theorem. The student is expected to know about the various impacts of development projects on environment and the mitigating measures.

Abrasive jet machining, Ultrasonic machining, Electric discharge machining, Electro chemical machining, Plasma are machining, Electron beam machining and Laser beam machining. Study of capabilities of software for Drafting and Modeling — Coordinate systems absolute, relative, polar, etc.