Polecane przez autora: Dusza Wojownika w pałacu Kaddafiego · Diablo III a mikropłatności · Kwartet niezwykłych tancerzy · Zobacz wszystkie». Vulcania – zegarek z duszą. SZYMON ADAMUS • dawno temu • 42 Dusza Wojownika w pałacu Kaddafiego. Podczas rewolucji w Libii zniknęły straże. “Dusza przeciwnika” (“The Character of the Foe” [collected in The Mirror of the . (see below) and was reprinted in the journal Poradnik Świetlicowy in of the Adversary] by St. Olgierd in ; and “Dusza wojownika” [The Character of.

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Vulcania – zegarek z duszą

She is currently working on Polish translations of Joseph Conrad. Los Chancetrans.

I remember a coasting pilot. Our journal aims at being informative. The former is introduced during the meeting with the captain of the wool clipper:.

can be full screen ?? :: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Dyskusje ogólne

Whatever the case, the elimination ruptures a fine net of intratextual references or cohesionsince the capes are mentioned for a second time later in the essay. Brodzki deletes the specific names of the winds and transforms the text into a general description:. For this reason the Polish language had only a limited lexicon of maritime poradnki. The Creation of Value.

Nie, nie masz złudzeń. To są naprawdę sylwetki!

Brodzki thus leaves out nautical terms which he found difficult to translate and which might have been unintelligible to the readers: As Theo Hermans has remarked in an essay on literary translation: It was off that other capewhich is always deprived of poraxnik title just as the Cape of Good Hope is robbed of djsza name. In some cases, possibly unsure whether Polish readers would understand correctly, he reiterates a phrase, making it more precise:. There are numerous examples in the translated text when Brodzki explains the source information to the Polish audience, either by repetition or by definition.


Thus Conrad ends one paragraph with the sentence: The founder of DTS, Gideon Toury, assigns priority to the function of translations within a given culture since it is the function that determines the desired properties of the text, and thus governs the process of translation. As such, it unintentionally exemplifies the very degradation of maritime language about which Conrad elsewhere complains: The first comes in a memory of a conversation with a boatswain: Studies in Literary Translationed.

The Manipulation of Literature: As such, it creates connotations that, while different, are less pronounced than in the previosu examples:. Was the ellipsis at the end the sentence meant to imply an understatement?

In its connotations of terror and mystery, it triggers associations with works of folklore such as The Thousand and One Nights. Conrad74; emphasis added And again: Substitution Substitution is the most obvious domestication technique for making foreign texts more accessible to target readers. The first comes in a memory of a conversation with a boatswain:. Letters which he thought his father had burnt were safely kept in the renowned Jagiellonian Library.

Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond. Conrad76; emphasis added The Polish version substitutes leeches for demons: Hence it is not our aim to evaluate the translation Bassnett20let alone evaluate an early-twentieth-century text from our modern perspective.

Later translations of the same originals do not need to address the issue of introducing the text: Other type of addition function to make the text more explicit, ridding it of all indeterminacies. He may have thought of the size of his cabin, or unconsciously, perhaps — have conjured up a vision of a vessel so small tossing amongst the great seas.


These are based on introducing a new metaphor into the text to intensify its meaning. Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. As Magda Opalski observes: Eliot, William Golding, and Conrad. A chiefly literary magazine in the s, it evolved in the following decade into a socio-literary weekly. Though repellent for some, these bloodsuckers have been used in medicine since antiquity, creating very different connotations for the readers of the translation. It may be applied for several reasons: For a true expression of disheveled wildness there is nothing like a gale in the bright moonlight of a high latitude.

Thus Conrad ends one paragraph with the sentence:. Banita An Outcast of the Islandstrans.

ByConrad had become a familiar name in Poland with the serialization of a number of his works in other Polish periodicals: Contributors included many of leading artists and intellectuals of the period: Studies in Literary Translation.

Historia prasy polskiej III: John Benjamins Publishing Company. Explication Explication clarifies new concepts to target readers, replacing the unknown idea by a broader descriptive wpjownika. Its objective is to re-establish the long-broken connection with European art and culture. Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe http: The former ;oradnik introduced during the meeting with the captain of the wool clipper: Conrad78; emphasis added.

The translator wants to prepare the readers for the plethora of recollections of various gales at sea so that they will not be overwhelmed by the ostensibly chaotic wave of details; the added sentence plays the role of an introductory hint.