The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) Mass Market Paperback – September 16, Frank Herbert () created the most beloved novel in the annals of science. The Dosadi Experiment is part of a series on Saboteur Extraordinary Jorj X. McKie consisting of two pieces of short fiction, A Matter of Traces. The Dosadi Experiment is a Science Fiction novel by Frank Herbert; part of his ConSentiency series (less famous than his Dune series). The protagonist is.

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This is best “non Dune” book by Frank Herbert that I have read. This, it develops, causes the development of superior races of people both human and gowachin who might unleash a war against the universe if set free.

The Dosadi Experiment – Wikipedia

McKie, is not only a top notch secret agent, coincidentally he is also the only guy in the universe who was accepted at the bar experimrnt the Gowachin court — the Gowachin being frog like aliens who have a legal system with intricate, changing rules and high stakes, the courtroom being an arena The Dosadi is in this “other” category — other in that it takes place in an entirely different universe than what occurs in said dosadj.

The lack of character development, the constantly changing viewpoints and the cognitive leaps that characterize the novel keep it from being a great work. Herbert is the master of what I call whafuck?! The system of Gowachin law is fascinating, but the plot hinges too much on this unfamiliar system; for all its logic, we never feel the visceral twists and turns of the courtroom drama, mostly because each virtuoso legal manuever must be painstakingly explained to us as it happens.


After only a few days, Elector Broey is forced to cut his human allies loose and devote all of his resources defending a narrow corridor through Chu to the Rim.

The Dosadi Experiment

That makes me wonder: The crime of Dosadi is not the intensive prison-planet environment, but that it serves as the raw material for a body-swapping immortality ring that is the real secret power in politics. Greed sets its own ecperiment, is self-regulating. Herbert tries to convey all this by passages like this: Finally, in both novels the protagonist is an outsider who comes into their society and uses his extraordinary abilities and specialized training to successfully navigate a deadly environment and gain acceptance.

Expeiment wouldn’t recommend anybody new to Herbert to start here, but if you like his style this is certainly a novel you’ll not want to miss. The culture of ordinary day-to-day power in Dosadi is very violent.

Sonabarrier – keep the vultures out. A complicated story that makes several leaps that I’m still shaking my head over, but an enjoyable story that leaves me wishing Frank Herbert had explored this universe. What kind of god looks like that?

Similarly, the Dosxdi are focused on individual excellence, and are outright elitists. The not understanding and the feeling like a simpleton can get frustrating, and if your attention wanders for a moment, you can easily miss critical information.

The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf. But the reader wants to keep dpsadi just to learn more about the universe Herbert has created. They isolated the planet Dosadi behind an impenetrable barrier called “The God Wall”.

McKie tracks down the “rebel” leader and finds Keila Jedrik, a human woman and civil servant who has orchestrated civil unrest and rebellion. Herbert’s grasp of the ideas he wants to discuss is unrivaled in science fiction but the way he translates t It took a while.


I almost wish that this universe he created, it could be expanded to a series. While meditating in a park in the Bureau’s headquarters, McKie is mentally contacted by the Caleban Fannie Mae, a female member of a multidimensional species of unparalleled power whose visible manifestation in this universe is the star Thyone in the Pleiades cluster.

View all 7 comments. And he had a shock of red hair. In Dune Arrakis was a world of extreme aridity, where the slightest carelessness with one’s water supply could be fatal, and it tempered the Fremen into a experimen of holy warriors. What the Gowachin either do not realize or care about is that the inhabitants of Dosadi do not consider themselves willing participants in this experiment.

Review — The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert

An important point is that Herbert rejects a purely democratic system as it proves to become tyrannical. And experimen self-sacrifice is necessary to ensure a larger goal, a Dosadi will never shrink from it. You go from relative ‘peace’ immediately into ‘war’ [but there is not that much description of the fighting, which is fine].

Herbert remains stuck in using only verbal communication. It is exeriment novel that summarizes many of the themes that can be found in his works but also highlights some of the problems with his writing. Similarly, the Gowachin are focused on individual excellence, and are outright elitists. McKie is an agent for the Bureau of Sabotage, a shady organization whose mission is to keep laws in check in the ConSentiency a pan-galactic, dosad government.