In , a second edition of the Iron Ivan flagship rules, Disposable Heroes, Urrah: Complete Guide to the Soviet Fighting Men and Equipment (PDF Version). Hurrah is an army list book for Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers. It features platoons, artillery, vehicles, and aircraft as used by the Soviets in. The new home blog for Disposable Heroes II is now live. The first Played this scenario with Keith at Historicon. Great fun, and I won. Hurrah!.

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The trees are made from rubberized horse hair which is flocked. I hope to get a copy soon.

All my trees, hedges and disposahle have been purchased from ‘The Last Valley’. Snap fire enables defensive forces to open up at enemies who are close and moving.

This simple rule effectively differentiates the ability to visualise the battlefield between armour and infantry. Artillery is simple and abstracted. A key difference are Push Activations as well, which allow a player to Activate twice in a row, which can really add some twists to a game. All members in good standing urran free to post here.

The first post covers a basic demo of the rules through hreoes single turn of the game. The defender begins off board, hidden. I have a selection of these hedgerows too, along with large trees and fields pieces. Hi, ok sounds interesting. The bocage sections are modeled with and without trees and are truly stunning. The effect on the battlefield is dramatic, encouraging mobility and assaults while still greatly rewarding cover both in terms of minimising casualties and bolstering morale.


Disposable Heroes – Metallica –

This only enhances the product. Ah, my dear Phong, you have found me out. Roll a several D10 depending on the weapon and try and score disposablle. This scenario was entitled ‘Panzer Ace’. The buildings are resin from Raventhorpe and hovels. The new home blog for Disposable Heroes II is now live.

[TMP] “Panzer Ace – a Disposable Heroes Skirmish Game” Topic

Again I make a saving by buying unpainted and doing them up myself. Throughout the turn, many of the basic rules and core concepts are showcased as well as some of the design philosophy.

Too many to mention in one post, but some of the big differences include: The same systems for AT guns apply seamlessly right through to small arms when firing at vehicles. Again elegantly applied, easy to play. Vehicle stats are based on real world values.

Just approved your pending membership to the Yahoo group, you should be good to go. Infantry units can move and fire, and simply and elegantly modelled with move and weapon types. I think the next post will address that.


Disposable Heroes

Artillery is dosposable deadly, quickly applied, so that you can move on t the next piece of action. Does the Pdf come with the soft copy or hardcopy? Anyway, we like them An epic and bloody firefight as German armour attempts to force its way over a bridge through American defenders during the desperate battles in Normandy Below is an edit and revision of a post that I put up on another thread that outlines the key things I found when I played DH:.

I like this concept, as it forces players to do something. Thanks for coming by and hope you enjoy! Long range fire can suppress and force units to pin. Went hunting for the new rules.