Sword in the Storm tells us about a young hero, Connavar of the Rigante. Burdened by the thought of his father being a cow [ ]. Fierce and proud, the Rigante dwell deep in the green mountain lands, worshiping the gods of air and water, and the spirits of the earth. Among. Sword In The Storm . David Gemmell mountains of Caer Druagh, where the Rigante tribe dwell in harmony with the land and its gods.

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Sword in the Storm

Waylander Drenai, Book 3 By: Wikiquote has quotations related to: A fantastic start for The Rigante Series. Nowadays I’m after something a bit more human. All you know is a war is coming and only one person thinks to prepare.

The book is all about it’s hero Connaver, who reminded me a great deal of the bad ass Jorg from Mark Lawrence Broken Empire series. Joined Jan 6, Messages 2.

David Gemmell

And the quest will kill anyone foolish enough to seek its secret. Has anyone involved in the production bothered to take a listen to the last book called Stormrider as narrated by Christopher Kay? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Whether you are an avid reader of the fantasy genre or simply someone who delights in powerful, affecting prose this author whose accomplished ability and remarkable depth of meaning that remains unmatched is a master gemmell his craft.

Sword in the Storm (Audiobook) by David Gemmell |

Will Wight Narrated by: It’s not a bad book, but there’s nothing really gripping about the story and I’m tired of reading mediocre and unoriginal fantasy. The Seidh–a magical race as old as time–take note of the young warrior and cast a malignant shadow across his life.


No trivia or quizzes yet. I think it boils down to the fact that it just isn’t my kind of story. In this, though, he seems almost at peace about them. Notice I didn’t spoil the story for you by giving away the plot? There we have many of the names popping up again from the earlier books and he’s spot on.

He quickly became one of my new favorite characters. Little needs to be added to the comments concerning the story by the late great David Gemmell. Jun 28, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Riamfada’s voice in particular was appalling, nevermind the strange translyvanian tones of the men of Stone.

Gemmell later said that his Managing Director had regarded it “a poisonous attack on his integrity. Retrieved 23 November This is a well-written storyline and tale of what seems to be a believable fantasy based on historical mythology?

David Gemmell video game.

A pacifistic priest forced to slay numerous enemies. He was a hero. His characters come off the page and into the story and leave a lasting impression, even after they have died. Content warning for sure, so be warned. The mystical Oltor, healers and poets, had fallen before the dread power of the cruel and sadistic Daroth.

A Burly woodcutter that travels to all corners of the world to rescue his captured crush. Published January 30th by Del Rey first published Thank you eavid taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.


The only thing davld this series that bothered me at first is that several major events are skipped entirely. First there is Gemmell’s way of writing in a simple no-nonsense way which holds your attention completely.

I could honestly listen to the narrator all day, her voice is beautiful, and some of her intense scenes were deeply emotive but, my god, the dialogue was bad. To portrait him however with a south West accent flung me from the start and to be honest I never really recovered throughout the entire book. Inspired by Your Browsing History. By the time I had finished the Rigante series I’d put her on par with Sean Barratt and above Christian Rodska whose accents in the Shannow trilogy were all over the shop in my opinion.

Who are born military geniuses, charismatic leaders, and indomitable leaders of men before they’re old enough to shave.

Good characterization and storytelling. Fierce and proud, the Rigante dwell deep in the green mountain lands, worshiping the gods of air and water, and the spirits of the earth. But the whole thing was mismanaged to the point of ineptness Where I do have an issue is in the portrayal of Con, who to all intents and purposes is from the North and the most likely a Scot or even north of England. Or a Tolkien-esque epic on Crusaders facing an Army of the dead?.