Necropolis is the third novel in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett. This page contains spoilers for: Necropolis (Novel). Necropolis (Gaunt’s Ghosts) [Dan Abnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book three in Black Library’s longest running Sci-fi series. Necropolis [Dan Abnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Necropolis is the third novel in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett. On the world of Verghasta grinding war between two hive cities — one loyal to the Imperiumthe other fallen to the worship of the Dark Gods — is bolstered by the forces of the Astra Militarumspearheaded by the Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and the Tanith First and Only.

But bitter rivalries and treachery threaten to derail the defence of Vervunhive, and it falls to Gaunt to take command of the Imperial forces and forge victory from an almost certain defeat.

During the Sabbat Worlds Crusadeon the planet of Verghastthe vitally important Hive City of Vervunhive comes under siege from the neighboring hive of Ferrozoica. The Hive leadership’s pleas for Imperial assistance are answered by a small task force, including the Tanith First and Only. Soon after they have annett, it becomes clear that Ferrozoica has been corrupted by Chaoswhich has mobilized the entire hive population into an army several million strong.

The story begins with a variety of perspectives from the citizenry of Vervunhive on the planet of Verghastwhen their city comes under attack from their neighbouring city-state, Ferrozoica.

The attack is sudden dna furious:. With Sondar continuing to ignore the evidence that the hive is abmett attack, the defensive batteries are forced to remain idle, unable to return fire without orders from above. Only after the Zoican artillery have inflicted massive devastation does Sondar relent and activate the shield. Over necropolls protests of the Legislature, the Administratum ‘s local High Master sends an urgent call for help to Warmaster Macaroth.

By good fortune, a troop transport from Monthax is close enough to be diverted away from the Crusade effort. More troops arrive from Vervunhive’s neighbours in the Northern Collectivesbut the city is shocked when its other ally, Vannick Hiveis obliterated by atomic weapons.

At first, the militia and Legislature refuse to believe Kowle’s reports that anett Zoican army numbers in the millions – since Vervunhive’s population is three times as large, yet mounts an army of only half a million – but Ibram Gaunt says it only confirms what he and the other Imperial Guard commanders suspected: Vervunhive is not facing a re-ignition of the Trade War between the two hives 90 years earlier where Vervun was victoriousbut a full-blown invasion.

Ferrozoica has been nefropolis by Chaoswhich has mobilized every single man, woman and child in it banett an army of extermination.

Seeing the Zoican forces advancing towards the city, Gaunt, along with Generals Grizmund and Sbnettadvocate making an armoured sortie from the city. Grizmund’s tanks will have more room to maneuver on the open ground, and with a little luck, they may be able to open the way for a flanking attack.

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But Necrololis vetoes the idea, backed up by the Vervun Primary and the city Legislature, who feel secure behind their walls. Gaunt poses the question: As he storms out of the Legislature meeting, Gaunt is asked to meet in private with Guild house leader Heymlik Chass. The first Zoican assault falls on the twenty-ninth day of the Siege, with thousands of infantry troops marching on the gates, accompanied by bizarre and destructive war machines.

The assault is repelled, but the Vervunhive troops are badly shaken by their first glimpse of the Chaos forces – necropolia only their overwhelming numbers, but also the implacability with which they absorb the becropolis appalling casualties; for every soldier killed, five more calmly step forward and take his place.

Gaunt meets with Lord Chass, who has studied Necropolid career and hopes he can count the commissar as an ally if extreme measures are needed to win the war.

Gaunt is noncommittal, but Chass insists that they both have a duty to save the Hive that outweighs their obedience to their bureaucratic superiors.

The Wertzone: Gaunt’s Ghosts: Necropolis by Dan Abnett

While treating the casualties from the first assault, Tolin Dordenthe Ghosts’ Chief Medicand Vervunhive Surgeon Ana Curth work closely together, and he gives her some much-needed advice about catching rest and staying alert in a prolonged combat situation. He also points out something strange: As exhausted as she is, Curth agrees that they need to follow it up. The second Zoican assault is launched only days later. The first was a probe of the city walls, while the second focuses on three vulnerable points, including the wide-open Veyveyr Gate.


During the assault, the Vervunhive Primary’s shortcomings are painfully exposed: After the assault is beaten off, Gaunt personally executes Colonel Modilethe senior VP officer in command of the Southern Wall defences, who simply shut down his vox rather than try to coordinate the miasma.

In the middle of the night after the first assault, Tona Criid, who is starving along with her two young charges, sneaks into the Ghosts’ camp to steal food, but she is caught in the act by Trooper Caffran.

He pleads with her to come back, he wants to help her, but she flees the camp, abandoning her backpack. Caffran leaves the pack outside the camp and backs off. When Tona retrieves it, she is surprised to find all the food she stole, plus water, first-aid supplies, and Caffran’s own laspistol. At the bottom of the pack, she also finds a regimental pin for the Tanith First. Tona has joined and quit a dozen hive gangs in her young life, but starts to think of the Ghosts as an outfit worth belonging to.

Gaunt defends his actions to the Legislature and the Vervunhive Primary Commissariatwho say that he exceeded his authority; Gaunt insists that the rules must be followed absolutely, but is stunned to hear that General Grizmund was arrested for disobedience – trying to take an alternate route to the battle zone rather than remain on the gridlocked highway. Gaunt is furious, particularly with Sturm and Kowle, who are more than willing to sacrifice Grizmund to placate the Vervunhive authorities.

A scout team from the Ghosts, led by Sergeant Mkollcreeps into the Spoil to observe the encamped Chaos forces. They get close enough to make out the words the soldiers are chanting, over and over again: Gaunt, who encountered Asphodel’s forces on Balhautwarns that their enemy cannot be underestimated. The Heritor was one xan Archon Nadzybar ‘s foremost lieutenants, a tactical genius and a charismatic warlord. Impatiently, Gaunt consults with a legal advocate to ensure that an Imperial Commissar can override the VPHC’s decisions, but the advocate’s clerk mentions that Grizmund’s trial is already going forward: Kowle agreed to represent the Imperial Commissariat there.

In a fury, Gaunt rushes to the stockade. While this miniature drama is neecropolis on within the city, all hell breaks loose on the outside. The Eastern Gate of the city, spared most of the fighting thus far, collapses when Zoican sappers and tanks appear behind the Guard lines and demolish the wall. At the same time, General Nash spots a gigantic Zoican armour column advancing on the south wall and sends a frantic call for armoured reinforcement, while Zoican forces renew the attack on all the other sections of the wall.

In the command center, Sturm’s nerve fails, and he begins to think of ordering a retreat. Marshal Croe, tired of deferring to posturing fools like Sturm and Kowle, orders Sturm to release Grizmund and reinstate him immediately, while Croe leaves to take personal command of the VP reinforcements tasked to the south abnftt. Gaunt arrives at the stockade at the same time as Sturm and his Royal Volpone troopers. Of common purpose for once, they free Grizmund, having to shoot down several VPHC officers when they refuse to surrender.

Gaunt places Kowle under arrest. Just when things could not possibly get any worse, Necrololis Sondar finally gives in to the psychic chatter that has been harassing him since the start of the siege, and grown steadily worse as The Heritor’s forces have drawn closer. Unable to think of anything else, Sondar shuts down the city’s void shield. Moments later, Zoican rockets and artillery begin to devastate the city, while the ground forces surge forward in triumph.

Gaunt forces his way up to Sondar’s chambers with a strike force of Royal Volpone, accompanied by Sturm and Kowle. They link up with Lord Chass, who has come on his own, since a Noble’s gene-code is needed to reactivate the shield.

Sondar, corrupted by Chaosrefuses to listen to them, saying Asphodel has promised him lordship of the planet. When Gaunt insists, Sondar attacks them with his bodyguard servitorsseveral of which have been mutated into vicious beasts. Sturm flees the room in terror, while Kowle is killed in a suicidal attack that brings down the largest beast. Major Gilbear dispatches Sondar, and the mortally-wounded Lord Chass reactivates the shield, before dying himself.

A desperate defense, led dxn the Ghosts, has prevented the Zoican forces from overrunning the city, when a masterful counterattack by the Narmenian Armouredled by Grizmund in person, begins to drive them out of the city.


In the midst of the fighting, Caffran and Tona Criid meet up and fight side by side against the Necropopis forces, while keeping her “nephews” safe. With Marshal Croe dead, and Sturm absent, command of the city falls to Gaunt, as the next senior infantry officer.

From a makeshift command center in the nearest Ecclesiarchy cathedral, Gaunt spends the rest of the night coordinating the defense, carefully re-establishing contact with the Imperial units scattered around the city and stitching them into a defense plan that gradually drives the Zoican forces out of the city.

Gaunt ean never commanded a unit larger than a regimentyet his stamina and situational awareness of the entire battlefield put the meager contributions of Sturm and Kowle to shame. Many behind Gaunt’s back whisper that it is reminiscent of old Warmaster Slaydobut Captain Ban Daur senses a hidden rebuke in Gaunt’s furious energy: In the midst of Gaunt’s preparations, Sturm is brought abnnett him, having been captured trying to flee the city on one of the refugee barges.

Sturm screeches that he gave the order to retreat, and all of them are guilty of necropoli. Gaunt sees through this lie, strips Sturm of his rank and charges him with desertion.

Necropolis (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Sturm requests that he be able to take his own life, so Gaunt gives him his own bolt pistol to do so. As soon as Gaunt turns his back, Sturm tries to shoot him, but Gaunt wheels around and slices Sturm’s hand off with Sondar’s power sword. Sturm, maimed and sobbing, is marched to the stockade to await trial.

After finishing his plans, Gaunt collapses on his bunk, exhausted. To his surprise, he is visited by Lord Chass’s daughter, Meritywho spends the night with him. The next morning, Merity confides to Gaunt that her father had a secret weapon. The city’s former High Master, Heironymowho was a mechanical genius, created a hand-held device that could shut down the entire city.

He entrusted it to House Chass, as a safeguard against the High Master becoming a tyrant as Salvador didbut Lord Chass decided not to use it. Gaunt’s plans have pushed out the Zoican forces and prevented disaster, but victory is nowhere in sight. The Zoicans are assaulting with everything they’ve got, and the city is close to falling. Across the battlefield, the Guard detects the approach of a massive command vehicle, nicknamed “the Spike,” and Gaunt knows that Asphodel has come to witness his triumph in person.

On being told that the Spike appears to be the source of the vox signal that is keeping the Zoican forces hypnotized, Gaunt comes up with a radical plan.

Reaching the bridge, they fight their way past Asphodel’s elite bodyguards and Gaunt plugs Sondar’s device into a data port. Immediately the Spike shuts down, including the force field at the center of the bridge, surrounding Asphodel’s command throne. The Heritor attacks in person, barreling at Gaunt and knocking aside the other commandos. Gaunt runs Asphodel through with his power sword, at the same time as the Heritor’s massive bolt pistol fires straight into Gaunt’s heart. The only thing that saves him is a metallic flower, given to him by Lord Chass during their first meeting, that Gaunt pinned on his coat.

Two months after the start of the siege, Warmaster Macaroth arrives with massive reinforcements, having learned of Asphodel’s presence on Vervunhive. Macaroth completes the job of exterminating the Chaos forces, although they fell into anarchy and retreated as soon as Asphodel died.

Ferrozoica is wiped out by orbital bombardment, and the Spike – along with Asphodel’s body – is incinerated by the Imperial Fists Space Marines. Vervunhive is victorious, but it is a hollow victory. The city is devastated to the point that Macaroth decides it is not worth reconstructing.

Instead, he offers its citizens the Act of Consolation: The Vervun Primary embraces the offer, with the overwhelming number of them choosing to enlist in the Tanith ranks – their first new recruits since their Founding. Conducting a post-mortem on the events of the Siege, Macaroth’s staff realises that the Zoican sappers infiltrated the city through a promethium pipeline owned by Guilder Worlin.

The city authorities ordered the pipelines shut down after Vannick was destroyed, but Worlin kept his operating in secret, anticipating a monopoly and a huge profit.