Curzio Malaparte, trans. from the Italian by David Moore. New York Review Books, $ trade paper (p) ISBN Curzio Malaparte () To win a war – everyone can do that, but not everyone is capable of losing one. I first read La pelle (The Skin, available in English translation) decades ago and was deeply affected by its merciless depiction of the misery.

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View all 14 comments. He can oscillate from one extreme to the other within a five minute conversation. Come facevo a dargli meno di cinque stelle? December 3, by Jordan Anderson. I will read this book again. She is a twelve year old girl lying spreadeagled on a mattress in a hovel.

The Urania orgy just being the most outrageous of them. Overall this is unique and thought provoking writing and well worth the effort. I must mention a final element which caused me much thought in light of current events: Customers who bought this item also bought. Then he had asked me malapatte Gods the Americans would have to respect in Europe if they were to be saved.

He was kicked out of the party for his free thinking and for lamb Curzio Malaparte To win a war – everyone can do that, but not everyone is capable of losing one. New York Review Books’ decision to bring more of his work to a wider audience is in many ways one that is as enjoyable as it is noble. Set almost entirely in Naples after the Allies landed, Malaparte weaves together commentary on the American national character with musings on the mid-century degradation of western civilization.

The sometime Fascist and ever-resourceful Curzio Malaparte is working with the Americans as a liaison officer. Please try again later. Kalaparte young of Europe are on their way to being pederasts: And I also love that sardonic bastard, Curzio Malaparte.



It’s a novel that packs an emotional wallop. There is almost a process of healing to Malaparte’s description of atrocities; an exchange between the author and another person proceeds as such: Naples has been liberated, or is it conquered?

View all 4 comments. And it is not paid in gold, nor in blood, nor in the most noble sacrifices, but in cowardice, in prostitution, in treachery, malqparte in everything that is rotten in the human soul.

A must-read for devotees of WWII literature. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. It’s Malaparte’s bad conscience, he taunts, teases and titillates one minute, before punishing the reader with the mala;arte and humiliating the next.

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Alla fine, credo che la fama di questo libro sia meritata, e per diverse ragioni. Malaparte is like the personification of the deep embittering disillusionment that arrived when fascism showed itself to be little more than opportunistic thuggery. View all 6 comments. At ekin, I really felt he was trying to clear his rotten conscience by playing the good guy. The novel still reads like a noble attempt to render an ignoble moment without pity.

books, yo.

Mesmerizing reading and an old cliche I know but it is difficult kalaparte put down once started. There are other novels that touch on war with caustic humour. Malaparte gets to star in his own book, as himself.

Here he plays an Liaison officer as he was in real life to an American colonel Jack Hamiltonthey tour the battle-scarred and comfortless streets of a depraved and ruined Naples, malsparte place where selling out was the cunning and ugly currzio of survival, mothers would sell their children, children would sell their mothers, whores would not only sell themselves but also beggars in the gutter.

We humans are creatures defined by perception, thought, and language, and the history of humanity teaches us that to wield language is to wield death. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. It makes other authors who talk about war, including Vonegut, seem like little children reminicing about malapatre much fun war is. That said, it’s amazing.


You might be thinking the novel’s a vision of hell. Curzio Malaparte stands alone, and has immortalized Naples. Then they became silent, and looked at me with embarrassed expressions. A novel you’ll be thinking about long after finishing.

The Skin : Curzio Malaparte : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

One exchange in the book proceeds as such: There is an intriguing question throughout the book whether Naples was invaded or liberated by the American army.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As a surveyor of the ruins of the world he walks through, there is no deeper meaning to the struggles of the poor, merely competing ideologies determining their fates—Fascism, Communism, National Socialism, Capitalism—which leave little room for common ground.

Apparently a manatee from the aquarium was served at a fancy dinner, according to Naples ‘ And along with all this, Malaparte effortlessly incorporates allusions to wide swaths of English, American and Greco-Roman literature. The first interesting aspect of this book is that it perhaps shows how fascism in Italy was of a different hue to fascism in Germany.

I for one would have gladly stood in line for a signed copy, even if it meant getting lynched by the locals, would even shake his hand and say “well done Mr Malaparte! No, this queue about a mile long full of angry souls including Neapolitans, members of the Italian Government, The Thee, Blacks, Homosexuals, and Dwarfs, would want to give him a torrent of abuse. View all 11 comments. I especially enjoyed the banter between the sardonic and cynical Malaparte and the wet-behind-the-ears idealism and gullibility of malaparfe American colleagues.