Malet Street main building (Torrington Square entrance), Room B34 Speaker: Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck, University of London and Syriza member of the. Costas Douzinas is a law professor at Birkbeck, University of London. His books include The End of Human Rights and Human Rights and Empire. Philosophy. Professor Costas Douzinas joined the Institute for Social Justice as a Professorial Fellow in and is currently the Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the.

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Costas Douzinas is a law professor at Birkbeck, Dojzinas of London. Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis: Greece and the Future of Europe is published by Polity. The more you obey the more you get punished — that’s the troika’s way. But a second spring of discontent is in the air.

Costas Douzinas | openDemocracy

The public debates of the outraged in Athens are the closest we have come to democratic practice in recent European history. Our initiative aims to show there is an alternative analysis of the present situation rather than the misery and injustice of austerity.

Syriza can be the future for Greece, and for Europe too.

The radical left is an antidote to an obsolete and harmful economic and political system, and to dpuzinas Euroscepticism.

Costas Douzinas for Open Democracy: The left can learn from recent popular resistances — the Arab spring, Greece or Turkey — that have no leaders, parties or common ideology, then build on the energy and imagination these movements have created.


The arrest of Golden Dawn’s leader will do little to counter institutional racism. If Europe’s future is German, Greece has only one hope for salvation. Pulling the plug on our flawed but vital state broadcaster is political vandalism, with chilling echoes of the bad old days.

Europe’s south rises up against those who act as sadistic colonial masters.

About Costas Douzinas

Greece is ripe for radical change. The latest draconian austerity measures imposed on the Greek people can be a catalyst to bring about the end of the old system. A Syriza victory will mark the beginning of the end of Douznias tragedy. Costas Douzinas and Joanna Bourke: A vote for the left today will drastically change the austerity policies that have created a humanitarian crisis. The Greek election could be the start of a European spring.

What now for Greece — collapse or resurrection?

Professor Costas Douzinas

Neoliberal economics planned in Brussels and Berlin will push Greece into third-world working conditions. The Greece of Theo Angelopoulos.

Forget deficits, debt and corruption. Theo Angelopoulos, the film-maker who died this week, captured the true Greek soul. The IMF must realise that, in Greece, the treatment is worse than the disease.

It’s clear that punishing the poor will only deepen the recession — so why are the IMF technocrats intent costass further austerity? European elites should be wary of the Greek spring. The fear of ‘contagion’ shouldn’t be just about the euro — this Greek resistance could spread across Europe. Greece’s lines now are clear.


The Greek elite that tried to push through policies on the back of a deficit it fuelled stands alone and accused. Greece is standing up to EU neocolonialism. Costas Douzinas and Petros Papaconstantinou: The usurious conditions of the Greek bailout reveal Brussels’ colonial mindset — but Athens is showing citizens can resist. Guardian Weekly in review In Greece, we see democracy in action.

There is an alternative — a new project for Europe’s left. These hunger strikers are the martyrs of Greece. Asylum seekers willing to die in the face of expulsion after shame and exploitation bear witness to a higher truth than life. Greek protests show democracy in action.

A minister described Greek civil disobedience as ‘anomie’ — but it is legitimately reclaiming our democracy from failed institutions. The idea of Europe must go back to a democracy that resists fake economic orthodoxy and false monoculturalism.

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