Chromehounds at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Chromehounds – Manual. Game Title, Chromehounds. Document Type, Manual. Platform, Xbox Author, Electric Fungus (stats). Filesize, kB. Date. Chromehounds (クロムハウンズ) is an action game developed by From Software and 2 Downloadable content; 3 Production credits; 4 Digital manuals.

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Weapons are range dependent.

Each of the four weapon groups has one weapon designated manula “gun camera”. When things work correctly, I’m popular but taken for granted. The graphic are nice,but seem to suffer from the typical console effect of linear movement.

chrmoehounds Most of the missioins are straight forward enough that you don’t need a list of parts earned. Weapons are based on mathematical stats but also on how they behave when fired. Prima Games July 11, Language: This is the most common mistake once you change weapons. Well for one thing, the seven tutorials do not allow for customized Hounds. As for battle tips, only trial and error will let you learn from your past mistakes.

Not all default designs are perfect for each mission, especially when S Rank is called mnaual. Now don’t forget that you mount a max of four machineguns and roughly the half hit their mark damage. Xbox S Microsoft Xbox Gamepads.

This is a game that is almost all about multiplayer mode. Percentage wise, the HEAT launcher lost fewer damage than the machinegun. If you are looking for more detailed information about the game then the best source is in the online forums.


They will not fit anything except what war theorists have thought up of while sitting on their butts in arm chairs. Clustering weapons seems stupid, or it might be a great idea, depending on how much a mecha fan you are.

Chromehounds (Prima Official Game Guide): Bryan Stratton: : Books

After all, I worked on the N64 channel. The HD and the explosions are a fine effect also,YET,your hounds are limited to just “gun” fire and rockets,with no”laser”weapons like the God-Father of mech machines-the PC Mechwarrior series of the ” ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

chromehoounds Alert Lamp Low Energy – Your generator is insufficient for the weapons and systems you assembled. Special Assist Parts – Offline, the only assist parts you really need are nightvision, the NAM, extra fuel tanks, and the thermograph.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Certainly, enemies do not appear. Xbox Core Microsoft Xbox Gamepads.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. As you mill around firing machineguns, enemies firing large weapons will do more damage mostly — the HEAT launcher reloads very quickly for a big weapon over the same period of time you’re hosing down targets. Mark “Chippy” Ryan “Licking food keeps the others off my lunch. That said, you shoudl be aware that unless an enemy opens fire up close at metersyour Hound will usually suffer damage at the lower extremeties, even if you are below your enemy human players spalsh the ground, not your Hound, with howitzer fire.


Too many of the FPS games took control and left this slow-mo strategic game in the wake. This is due to “shot drop off”, or to put simply, the enemy projectiles are falling down short of your Hound and hitting the legs. Clustering makes weapons more accurate, since they are firing from the same target from generally the same location on your Hound.

Assuming all ten shots hit the target, you will do damage. I can’t believe I lost! One person found this helpful. Because each mission offline has different criteria, you will find you will customize a specific Hound for that one task and never use that design again it may not even be very helpful in the online Neroimus War.

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This means chromehounvs you have for that mission is defaulted to what is available from the designers FromSoft. Anything under that is “legitimate” for design — anything outside is illegal.

Still, don’t go out of your way to accomodate both types of damage.