Cfengine-Tutorial. AUTOMATED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION. Kirk: “I’m curious, Doctor, why is it called the M5?” Daystrom: “Well you see, M1 to M4 were not. As we are using a single Ubuntu server in this tutorial, we’ll be using it both as a policy hub and as a client. To start CFEngine’s policy hub, you. Contribute to theofilis/tutorial-cfengine development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Some vendors have made their implementations in the image of this draft.

After the changes, the list should look cfengkne this:. This is a name in the directory tree at which you want to add the files to your local filesystem.


For instance, the following example would allow all hosts except for myhost: This means that you should structure the actionsequence so that all filesystems are mounted before any links are made. Defining classesNext: Minutes in the hour in the form Min00, Min See Unique filesystem mountpoints.

For this reason, the syntax of tidy is different and is documented in the section ccfengine tidying, see Reference manual.

With the right tools, the Windows system registry can also be edited by cfengine, but this requires more care. An arbitrary user-defined string. How much fine control do you need? You can use round parentheses in tutorrial classes to override these preferences. If you are in doubt, look up the manual page on exports 5.

The answers to dfengine will be covered as we go along and in the next chapter. In addition to guides like this one, we provide simple cloud infrastructure for developers.


Examples and Tutorials

It will then mount them automatically and edit the appropriate filesystem tables. To make a filesystem available to other hosts you have to cfenginne three things. A problem with any system of lists is that one can generate a sequence which does one thing, and then undoes it and redoes something else, all in the same contradictory list. This can prevent excessive load due to unintentional spamming in situations where several cfengines are started independently.

If we look through the action sequence we see that the program first mounts all tutorisl filesystems which are already defined on each host. It does not and cannot grant any access to a system from the network. To give another example, just in the last few months the arrival of netscape World Wide Web client, with its caching facilities, has flooded hard-disks at Oslo with hundreds of megabytes of WWW files.

Cfengine 3 is operationally backwards compatible with Cfengine 2, but the language is not. The idea of NFS is to share files on one host with other hosts. Could this lead to a collision? Cfenginr many cases administrators will still need to write scripts to carry out more specific tasks.

The options you specifiy in this file, per host, are added to those you might specify on the command line when invoking cfengine remotely. When cfengine expands a variable it looks first at the name in its list of special variables, then in the list of user-defined macros and finally in the shell environment for a match. The generic class anyNext: Another working example – make sure ntpd and portmap are running:. Using netgroupsUp: In a mixed environment, shell scripts work very poorly: If you this involves compiled software and you do this on one host, you should do it on others which are of the same type.


Cfengine cannot force its will onto ctengine hosts in this way, it can only signal them and ask them to collect files if they want to. Managing processesNext: When this notation is used in directory names, it always defines the starting point for a search. Using netgroupsPrevious: Since the owner and permissions of the files in dfengine ftp archive remains those of the program author, it often happens that the software is left lying around with the owner and permissions as set by the author of the program rather than any user-name on your system.

cfengine-Tutorial – Informatique

The only obvious exception is perhaps to iterate over a common set of child-directories like binlib etc in several different package directories. In other words, if you have a disk which is physically connected to host A, you would like to make the contents of that disk available to hosts B, C, D Running user scriptsUp: A year in the form Yr, Yr In this case all hosts on the network have only one server: Log filesPrevious: Cfengine offers a simple model which can help you pick out only the resources you need from the list of NFS filesystems.

You need to switch on relevant tasks and switch off unwanted tasks depending on the time of day.

Each time you run a script, the engine determines whether anything needs to be done — if nothing needs to be done, cfngine is done!