Reduce cycle time. Specially designed to generate minimal cycle time programs. Reduce machine downtime. For dry runs, program entry, program editing and. CADEM CNC programming software reduces cycle time, increases profits. Our software for CNC programming training and CNC machine training imparts CNC . CADEM CNC training software imparts skills rapidly. Includes CNC programming training, CNC simulation software for training, CNC machine simulator.

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Editing an operation We will now edit the depth of cut in the rough boring operation. Capsturn Fresher Jobs In Jahanabad. Click on OK to exit from the Work setup dialog box. Adding a Tool type You can define your own tool types to make tool selection easier.

The student learns machine construction, machining operations, tooling, work holding and programming. Double click on Machining parameters and change Depth of cut to 2. Select Machining Single motions Rapid traverse.

Cadem does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use of, or the results of the use of, the software in terms of its correctness, accuracy, reliability, current ness or otherwise and you rely on the software and its results entirely at your own risk. At the tktorial Specify the start point enter 30, Select Edit Trim At the prompt Select the boundary objects click on the objects shown. Right click anywhere in the Tool material list.


Select Add a new tool material. Nisa Jobs In Ranchi.

CAPSturn 60 Day Trial Tutorials

Click on the two corners shown. Rough bore Do this through the Contour turn operation.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs In Ranchi. Work setupSetup data 1 Select Inch for Units, select any Work piece material, and enter this data, leaving the rest unaltered: Select Machining Single motions Spindle speed and capstjrn appropriate data. Select Machining Single motions Tool and click on New tool. Draw the tool shape Draw a Multiline through the following points. Home Documents Manual Turn. Select the General – mm library, and then capsturh on Configure tool library.

Ansys Jobs In Bihar. View Tool layout sheet Switch to Machining mode. Draw chamfers Select Draw Chamfer. Change the operation name to Rough face, leave the default machining parameters unchanged. The latter is the faster method.

Capsmill Jobs In Buxar.

Manual Turn – [PDF Document]

If these are the parameters entered FS for a particular combination of workpiece material, tool material and tool type: To repeat the previous action Right click the mouse. Click on a machine from the list. Tutorlal a Rapid motion by a relative amount X 0. Finish turn Select Machining Turning Finish turn. The most popular versions of the CAPSturn are Select ViewZoom Allto enlarge the view. For hole machining tools like drills: To exit from the cycle time sheet click on Close and then on OK.


Select the start and end points of machining as shown. Enter 34 for X, leave Z blank. Capsmill Jobs In Ranchi. Make changes in the following areas of the post: Click the right mouse button and select Done.

Repeat the feed motion with capsurn coordinates 0. Capsmill Jobs In Patna. Change the operation name to Rough turn, leave the default machining parameters unchanged.


These are used in calculating the spindle power. Enter 0, against the prompt Specify the center point and press Enter. Wordperfect Jobs In Patna.