Let’s talk about byosen scanning. Byosen means line of poison. This technique is how we discover the parts of ourselves or others that need. Byosen Reikan Ho is a technique somewhat similar to the scanning practices taught in some ‘western’ lineage Reiki styles. Byosen is concerned with the. In the last 15 years or so, the popularity of traditional Reiki techniques such as Kenyoku Ho (a dry bath), Byosen Reikan Ho (a form of scanning.

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Scaninng don’t know how but she really helps me to connect to what messages are meant for me Byoxen is truly a wonderful healer, listener, mother guidance and teacher. Still, everyone sense things differently. Ideally, with time the practitioner will be able to discern what each feeling indicates. Is it deep and relaxed or shallow and tense? You place your hands on that area and feel the byosen.

Before you start the treatment, you perform Reiji Ho, and because of this, you know where you should place your hands for the treatment to be most effective. It comes and goes in waves. She invites you to learn how to play with your Reiki practice. Subscribe to The Goddess Dreams in a reader. After learning more about the Five Reiki Preceptsbut before proceeding to more practical aspects byoesn Reiki, you should learn the simplest technique of spiritual cleansing, called Kenyoku Ho.

She had developed very painful stones and the doctors saw no other way for her than surgery. Traditionally when Reiki was taught by Dr Usui, great zcanning was placed on the practitioners developing their ability to scan and feel areas of disturbance in another persons energy field. When you will perform a full healing session later, focus on these areas more.

I ask that all that takes place here through Reiki is of the very highest good for all concerned. With this approach I have found that the majority of my students in the first day of ever experiencing Reiki are able to find the core blocks within a persons energy field with little difficulty.


The client may not know what he needs, but his body does. For example, most of us have a little voice in our head that often warns us against foolhardy choices. I imagined the stones turning to scaanning. By evaluating these two aspects of the byosen, the practitioner can discover the area or areas that most need treatment, know how long the hands should remain in a particular area, and know whether additional treatments are indicated.

I advise to do so, but know this — if you feel, through your intuition that you should channel the energy longer than 5 minutes, then do so.

The byosen attracts your attention; it pulls your hands to itself. Or should I say, your intuition knows it — you just need to learn how to listen.

But it scanjing a helpful technique for sensing different qualities of energy. This technique is also called scanning, a technique created by William Lee Rand before the knowledge that byosen scanning was a bylsen. They are too busy with their daily worries, concerns and fears. Later on, I will explain it further, but right now, you should learn that Kenyoku Ho cleanse these unpleasant energies in a simple way. Usually when we slowly sweep our hands over an area that has stress you may feel a strong hot or cold in that area.

Is your mind clear or a bit fuzzy? Take your awareness to your forehead and cranium. Begin connecting to the Earth below you by taking your minds attention into your Hara Belly.

Read more articles in this category Less is more in Reiki. Chujiro Hayashi developed the Hand Positions which covers the entire body for treatment. This was something it is believed that should take students many years of discipline, practice and application to become good at.

But you will know what, and when it must be done — this is the best part of intuition — you just know things. The first technique is really not a technique at all but simply a response to information from the client.


When we find a spot that feels different we may want to begin treatment there or spend more time on that area. The more beneficial thing to do is to ask yourself what must be done — because you know it. Trust yourself and stay intrigued by what is happening and the Reiki energy will guide you.

Byosen Scanning

In order to ybosen perceptive, one needs to increase awareness. This is your intuitive guidance. Disclaimer This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The content on Reiki Rays is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. You receive guidance, so you act upon your intuitive feelings, and this leads to lessons, experiences and positive events.

Byosen Scanning | Reiki Techniques | Pinterest | Reiki, Healing and Meditation

Letting go of the outcome allows the natural intelligence to do it’s work as the body comes into balance. Kenyoku Ho — a Reiki dry bath technique. Reiki practice heals these loud voices by helping you relax through self-healing practice. Mine likes to help me scan. Move your awareness to your throat and observe how it feels, open sccanning relaxed or tight and constricted?

I urged her to have a checkup before surgery because I knew that the body was taking good care of itself. Finally become aware of scannibg whole of you, here and now, expanded and connected with everything around you, above, below, in front, behind and to the sides all meeting in the heart through Gassho.

Intuition is important, not just for the practice of Reiki, but for your entire spiritual development. Are they relaxed flexible or is their tightness, pain and rigidity?