Description. You can download borang omr upsr on the site Just like JPA i guess. I heard the closing date is 30 Mac. Bank Soalan UPSR Sistem Guru Online menyediakan pelbagai bahan meliputi soalan soalan UPSR ,,, Nota Nota Padat, Soalan Peperiksaan. borang omr-spm. Mat Wadi. Kertas objektif-matematik panduan kecemerlangan sains upsr (1). Mohamad Din. English · Español.

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Bank Soalan UPSR

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Jan 30 Show posts by this member only Post 1. O,r posts by this member only Post 2. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Well, the website is ytm. Failed last year, as expected. IMHO, you can apply for overseas scholarship as well. But the bond is something like 2 or 3 times of the duration you study. That’s very very long. Show posts by this member kpsr Post 4.

Show posts by this member only Post 5. The application is opened,but why cant access into it? Show posts by this member only Post 6. What do u mean 2 or 3 times? Do u mean u need 8 years to complete a 4 years course? Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Jan 31 Show posts by this member only Post Now no more loan? Okay, this is pathetic.

I’ve four friends, two of them are scholarship holders and another two are loan receivers. Four of them are taking Engineering course in MMU and those two who are scholars are required to work for the Telekom for 10 years, if I’m not wrong because they are taking the scholarship for five years, so doubled it up should be 10 years.

As for loan, once you got First Class Honour in upzr degree studies, you do not to pay them back a single cent. I’m a YTM loan holder, and i just want to updr And the working duration is 2x the years they “sponsored” you. For example if Telekom pays your tuition fees for 4 years, horang have to work for them for 8 years. This might sound bad but look at the bright side, if you’re an IT undergraduate, 8 years boragn IT-related experience is valuable for your future career advancement.


One advantage of applying for loan is you don’t have to meet their academic qualifications. Scholarship holders must maintain their grades at CGPA 3.

Failure to do so, obrang will ask you out for a coffee-talk and ask you this and that. D heard last year grad student most of them have to work as MMU tutor. The scholarship is now open. Feb 2 D those names are hard to remember actually bcos they have those dato, tan sri etc.

At first glance, asking who’s their Ceo and sorts seems nice, because they can gauge how much do you know ojr them. But on second thought, what does this have to do with your intellectual ability, or did I miss something here?


What loan you mean: Biasiswa yang ditawarkan adalah seperti berikut: Sekretariat Biasiswa Kecil Borang permohonan OMR yang lengkap beserta salinan dokumen dan sijil-sijil yang telah disahkan hendaklah dihantar ke alamat di atas sebelum atau pada tarikh permohonan ditutup. Hanya permohonan yang lengkap sahaja akan diproses. Bagi mengelakkan kesilapan kepada permohonan, pemohon dikehendaki membaca arahan yang terdapat samada di dalam borang OMR atau laman web.

Semua permohonan hendaklah sampai ke pejabat YTM sebelum tarikh tutup. This post has been edited by cmteo: YTM loan of course.

You should tell your friend to read the above post, which I was told by YTM staff to be the actual truth. Have you ever thought that they just say this because they don’t want you to chicken-out and reject their scholarship?

By offering scholarship, Telekom can: But omrr far as i know, they are a number of MMU tutors and lecturers are in fact serving Telekom because they are bonded. Just ask around and you’ll know. Imr you’re Telekom, what’s the logic of sponsoring someone RM60k tuition fees for 4 years, and at the end you let him go?

Its plain silly don’t you think?

Telekom ain’t doing charity here. Although giving all those points, I do agree with you, they are actually trying to make the best out of the sponsorship borag by getting bonded students to work with them.

Nevertheless, I never neglect that they are still doing charity through it. Feb 1 Bummer, this is why we are so seperated. Wouldn’t it be better to just place i Warganegara ii Bukan Warganegara. I dream of that day to come. Open to SPM only. And I thought I could get another shot at it. This post has been edited by kaiserreich: Feb 7 Feb 8 TM point dont know anything about scholarship laa. D or if u wanna e-mail, send to Encik Hazli Abd Rahim – nhazli tm.


I try to apply 4 yayasan telekom online few days ago. This post has been edited by thierry henry: Feb 9 Wanna ask this schorlarship is open to non-Bumi, right?

Are “2B” and “HB” Pencil The Same

So usually how many non-bumi can get the offer let say out of 10 scholar, how many will be non-bumi? No offense, juz want to know Added on February 9,4: This post has been edited by studioworks: Feb 10 Technically there isn’t such thing as ‘getting a scholarship easier’ unless, in this case, your parents work with telekom. They usually give more merits to those whose parents are working with telekom.

I thought Telekom is being privatized many years back? Or at least it’s still a half governmental sector, I don’t think so it can be considered as part of Government. If you are telekom scholar and you graduate with 1st class honour, you will be bonded for 8 years if they funded you 4 years. You no need to pay back a single cent. If they call me to work for them, then got basic salary? Or i juz get paid when there are projects around? Feb 11 I thought for all scholars are bonded to work for them unless you are lucky to be missed out by them.

P And, you do not need to pay them back once you work for them? RM per month?

I went for the bengkel YTM last year. For me it was quite a hell and I didn’t get it in the end. And the duration of the bond is very long actually, approximately double the number of years they sponsor you.

So if you study for 5 years, your bond is 10 years. Feb 12 My girlfriend is a YTM scholar, her cgpa is 2. Ya, my friends all really maintain their results, at least a second class upper