Abstract. Introduction. Subjects and Methods. Results. Discussion. Conclusion. References. Article Figures. With regard to biocompatibility, two articles showed biodentine to be better and two showed comparable results, while in the case of sealing ability, one article. The article provides an overview of Biodentine clinical applications summarizing published clinical trials and reporting published clinical cases with this material.

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Amalgam, SuperEBA, and mineral trioxide aggregate. Using an entire human tooth culture model, they showed that, upon application on the exposed pulp, Biodentine had the potential to significantly increase TGF- 1 secretion from pulp cells and induce an early form of reparative dentin synthesis [ 40 ]. Mahmoud Torabinejad and co-workers in Artilces Linda University [ 1 ]. How to cite this article: On the other hand, a clinical observation stated that the radiopacity of Biodentine is in the region of dentin and the cement is not adequately visible in the radiograph.

Mineral trioxide aggregate or calcium hydroxide direct pulp capping: This new biologically active material aids its penetration through opened dentinal tubules to crystallize interlocking with dentin and provide mechanical properties. However, the flexural strength of Biodentine recorded biodentnie two hours, has been found to be 34 MPa [ 6 ].

A comparative study of using a combination of calcium chloride and mineral trioxide aggregate as the pulp-capping agent on dogs’ teeth.

articlfs Though the confirmation of adequate placement of the material is important in such cases by relying on the radiopacity value, one can prefer to make a judgement by clinical observation in case the usage of additives to obtain high radiopacity value is likely to compromise the overall biocompatibility. They concluded that Biodentine is a well-tolerated dentine substitute for posterior teeth for up to 6 months during which abrasion articlew the main degradation process.

Micromechanical adhesion of Biodentine enabled excellent adaptability of Biodentine crystals to the underlying dentin [ 27 ]. Can’t read the image? Following the use of Biodentine as a retrograde material during apical surgery, the patient was followed for a period of 18 months, during which progressive periapical healing was evident [ 52 ].

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Based on the standpoint that three-dimensional 3D multicellular spheroid cultures are currently considered to be buodentine in vitro model providing the most realistic simulation of the human tissue environment, they performed a biocompatibility investigation using this type of modelling. Published online Aug 1. This was followed by the placement of a layer of resin-modified glass ionomer cement and a final layer of composite resin Filtek ZM to complete bidoentine restoration.

BioMed Research International

Biocompatibility or Cytotoxic Effects of Dental Composites. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the clinical response of pulp-dentin complex after DPC with MTA and biodentine in carious teeth. However, Ozbay G et al. Head Face Med ; Furthermore, the necrotic layer caused by calcium hydroxide appeared to be much bikdentine compared to others [ 46 ]. This article demonstrates the use of the newer material, Biodentine as an biodehtine matrix barrier in root end apexification procedure.

The authors further emphasized the resemblance of the interfacial layer formed between Biodentine and dentine to the hard tissue layer formed by ProRoot MTA and further drew attention to the hydroxyapatite crystal growth. Chemical, physical, and antibacterial properties.

Qrticles both direct and indirect application, Biodentine does not seem to affect the target cells specific functions.

View at Google Scholar A. Whilst the cavity adaptation of bioglass was poor owing to its particle size, both glass ionomers and calcium silicate cements yielded favorable results as dentine substitutes. Is it worth it? Heal Talk A Journal of bioedntine dentistry ;6: This represents a great improvement compared to the other calcium silicate dental materials ProRoot MTAwhich set in more than 2 hours Table 2.

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The current opinions and use of MTA for apical barrierformation of non-vital immature permanent incisors by consultants in paediatricdentistry in the UK. In vitro cytotoxicity of calcium silicate-based endodontic cement as root-end filling materials. Aust Endod J ; The C-S-H gel formation is due to the permanent hydration of the tricalcium silicate, which gradually fills in the spaces between the tricalcium silicate grains.


This review article makes a general analysis, provides a bkodentine of studies on Biodentine, and critically evaluates the existing knowledge regarding the properties of the product. An important feature of the calcium carbonate additive was to biodsntine as a nucleation site for C—S—H, thereby biorentine the duration of the induction period, leading to a faster setting time.

The complete reaction can be summarized as [ 6 ]:.

They observed that dentine element uptake was articlss prominent for Biodentine than MTA. Comparative study of white andgray mineral trioxide aggregate MTA simulating a one- or two-step apical barriertechnique.

Setting time and porosity characteristicsof MTA and Biodentine. Biodentine was further described as having calcium carbonate in powder and the carbonate phase of the material was verified by XRD and FT-IR analysis. Related articles Biocompatibility; biodentine; in vitro studies; mineral trioxide aggregate; root-end filling; sealing ability.

A Review on Biodentine, a Contemporary Dentine Replacement and Repair Material

SiO 2 main core material Dicalcium silicate 2CaO. Despite the high clinical efficacy of this wonder cement, there were always some issues which prevented the clinicians to articlfs it for many cases.

Bonson S et al.

In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of a novel root repair material. MTA pulpotomy of human permanent molars with irreversible pulpitis. Endodontic management of open apex using Biodentine as an apical matrix. During Zrticles analysis, Biodentine crystals appeared firmly attached to the underlying dentine surface.

Biodentine: A Promising Dentin substitute | OMICS International

J Am Dent Assoc. J Conserv Dent ; Tanomaru Filho, and R. MTA is basically a mechanical mixture of three powder ingredients: