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The sermon of the True Guru is the divine knowledge. Thus, praise and slander for him are the same. Such a servant acknowledges the presence of one Lord everywhere. Kotani Kotaani Koti Ridhi Sidhi Nidhi SudhaaKotini Kotaani Giaan Dhiaan Karamaadi Kai Countless miraculous powers, gudras like pleasure-giving store houses of goods, contemplation and following of rites steke rituals; ” ‘ ‘, ‘ 7 ‘, ‘ ‘ Paramadabhout Brahamaasan Singhaasan MaiSobhaa Sabhaa Mandal Akhandal Bilaas Hai And with the residing of the consciousness in the highest spiritual seat the tenth orificeone enjoys the strange and magnificent glory of all the spiritual planes.

He remains bereft of all expectations and wteek and feels no d ‘7 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ 7 ‘ 73: He then becomes wise to kabbit the principles of spirituality. Grandeur of such True Guru befits only Him and nobody can reach Him. He is indestructible of form. Millions of volumes have consumed themselves trying to estimate this state. The supreme wisdom acquired by the teachings of a True Guru and polluted intellect due to base wisdom cannot be hidden.

All ratings All ratings 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. Bai exchange their emotions through letters. Sarab Nidhaan Daan Daaik Bhagati BhaaiGurdaas Nihakaam Dhaam Pooran Pragaas Hai 12 5 By the loving worship of the Lord, the bestower of all treasures in the true holy congregation, a Guru-conscious person is convinced of no alternate place for him and he rests in complete radiance of the light divine of the God Lord.


Siri Guru Granth Sahib Translation in Punjabi by Professor Sahib Singh

Nor are there words in the world to describe it. Gurmati Surati Kai Bajar Kapaat KhulayDuramati Katthin Kapaat Sanabandh Hai With the sermon of the True Guru, the tight shut doors of the consciousness become ajar whereas this does not happen in the case of a person of base wisdom and self will.

Zalo Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Sandalwood has fragrance but the tree is without nostrils to enjoy the smell. Suri Nar Naad Mouni Tribhavan Au TrikaalaLog Bayd Giaan Ounamaan Jayn Kayn Hai Millions of gods, humans, sages, master yogis, all the three worlds, the three times, wondrous knowledge of Vedas and many such estimates beg for the holy dust of the feet of such a disciple of the Guru. One can add the shabad search results in favorites and can tag them.

People living in the three traits of maya are entangled in debating about the worldly and spiritual knowledge. All four varnas caste based sections of the society then integrate into one caste society.

Report this product Report this app to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. Sundar Gutka Damdami Taksal. If any mistake found plz send me message to correct it. He is free of all bodily needs like food and sleep etc; He has no attachment with anyone and is free of all differences. Pasu Harihaau Kahiao Souniao Anasouniao KaraiMaanas Janam Oupadays Ridai Tayk Hai If an animal is asked to stay away from green fields, or pasture land, it ignores it but a human being lodges the teachings of the True Guru in his heart and adheres to it.

It is put through a crusher to obtain its juice that bahi heated and converted into jaggery cakes and sugar crystals; ‘ ‘ 2: Aanb Khiranee Chhahaaraa Maajh Goutthalee KatthoraKharaboojaa Au Kaleedaa Sajal Bikaareeai Mango, dates guras their endocarps hard; melon and watermelons though sweet release water and become unworthy of consumption very soon; ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ jo Kabit Bhai Gurdaas ji Note: When his light merges with light eternal, he too acquires the form of light divine.


Myriads of colour and shapes are there to attract guedas eyes but they are without any ability to see such beauty themselves.

They shed all their ego. It is extremely wonderful. They approach the hermits as renouncers.

Millions of adulations crave for their praise and seek their refuge. He cannot be evaluated. The same vision turns into vices in the company of self-willed people. The Guru-conscious person enjoys many elixirs in this loving state.

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Jaisay Kachhap Dhari Dhiaan Saavadhaan KaraiTaisay Maataa Pitaa Preeti Soutu N Lagaavaee Just as a she tortoise bears its young ones in sand and takes ugrdas of them till they are sufficiently capable of looking after themselves, such love and concern for parents cannot be the characteristic of a child. It is indeed unique.

As a bumble bee enjoys the sweet nectar of the flower by sucking deep into it, so does a Guru-conscious person remains immersed in the fragrance of the holy feet of the True’ 7 ‘ 17 Niralayp Nirabaan Niramal NirabairaNirabighanaai Niraalanb Abinaasee Hai He is free of the influence of mammon mayabondage, dross, animosity, hindrances and support.

How can one discern what happens to the soul when it leaves the body? There belief of enjoying the magnificence sight of the True Guru is like performing worship with flowers and fruits.

Gurbani Pothi

How kabbit ashes mixed with ashes be distinguished? Biralo Bibaykee Jan Paraoupakaar HaytiMilat Salil Gati Rang Srabang Bhoot Kau Such a rational and knowledgeable Sikh is very rare who for the sake of benevolence becomes humble like water and unites with the people of all denominations. He practices it in the holy congregation very devotedly; 7 7 ‘ ‘ 2: It also supports search from Dasam Granth.