8BX. Coaxial. 8BX. ○. Considerable power handling: w AES (low frequencies) and 20 w AES (high frequencies). ○. Combination of a 8″ bass loudspeaker. I used years ago the predecessor of the 8bx (which had a paper cone) in a closed box (around 20l) with good results. It had strong bass output. Hi belin, Thanks for information. I’m looking forward to see measurements and crossover scheme. BTW I have some crossover scheme from.

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Hello sims, just wondering how things are going re the Beyma build.

Beyma 8bx 8″ 8 Ohm Coaxial Driver

I don’t think it has beymz vented pole piece. Prices in Euro Your price. Your nickname or email address: Product rating from customers 5 out of 5 beya 1 ratings. C 88bx Sec 1 C. Is 10mm enough gap behind the magnet?

Aug 12, Messages: Delivers a stronger joint between the dome and the former of the voice coil and so a better behaviour with high power handling and long periods of working. Hey Leom, I’m afraid they haven’t been going! Legal Notice Cookies Policy. It is also known the bigger the voice coil diameter the lower the power compression and the higher the power capacity, but this also means bigger motor structures to obtain high sensitivity from the transducer. This provides a smoothly extended frequency response up to 7 kHz, with reduced harmonic distortion.


Jan 19, at 4: I got a box built and have all the parts but life has got in the way!

Your cart contains no products. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Rated Impedance 8 ohms.

Beyma 8BX/N 8″ Coaxial Build

Our tool for achieving a symmetric movement pattern is the MMSS Technology, which provides to our engineers a complete set of components with their parameters in long excursion terms. Wiring isn’t as issue for me as I can easily get new cables to anywhere in my room but I’m struggling to find decent well priced easy to use suitable beyja for active.

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They may be transferred to public administration institutions in compliance with labour, Social Security and tax laws. LeomJun 10, Key Features – Considerable power handling: Like x 1 List.

I really need to start prioritising AV goodness more! I’m going to try and get a Windows setup so I can run WinISD but does anyone roughly what sort of size enclosure is recommended?

Beyma 8bx 8″ 8 Ohm Coaxial Driver | eBay

Unit Nominal Diameter mm. I’ve also ordered this crossover to try with it as it was cheap 8gx is well known how the overall SPL of a system suffers a drop after some time working due to the power compression effect in the speakers.


More in this categogy. Nov 14, Messages: X damage 20 mm.

It does seem like I’m going to be listening to sweeps more than I listen to films or music though! I know the tweeter only ‘needs’ around 20w but what options are there for w amps for the woofer and 20w for the tweeter? Do you already have an account? Air gap height 6 mm.

I imagine neyma to learn the other way round would be somewhat more challenging and perhaps costly in wasted components! It will be inset into a 75mm stud wall. The target of Xbow Technology is to open as much as possible the constraint in the diaphragm, allowing it to manage higher temperature rates and so increasing the limit of the power it can handle.