Passion Play by Beth Bernobich. Jul. 24th, at PM. quippe. The Blurb On The Back: Ilse Zhalina is the daughter of one of Melnek’s more prominent. Passion Play (River of Souls, book 1) by Beth Bernobich – book cover, description , publication history. When I first read the blurb for Passion Play, Beth Bernobich’s debut novel released last Tuesday, I was intrigued. I’d read some glowing praise.

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Nov 21, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: Oh, no, for me, it is, ‘Stop whining’ and ‘Go to bed’. This is a story about Ilse rising and remaking herself the bet she prefers, with Raul providing support to her with support that others are unlikely to get. There were many elements in this story that were left wanting.

I passionn wouldn’t have finished this book if I hadn’t won it from goodreads. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Lists with This Book. Many would consider hers a happy lot.

Once the action settled down, the story felt Her emotions rarely linger over a realistic ppassion of time no matter what kind of traumatic event befalls her, and there are many such traumatic events here. A marvelous debut novel. This is the kind of fantasy I love bernobkch gorgeous worldbuilding, fluid sexuality, slow-burn romance, political and courtly intrigue, the simmering of potential war contrasted with a girl rebuilding her life and discovering who she is and what she wants.

But at this juncture, one book into a trilogy, the protagonist proves to be someone sitting very much on the outside of all the major events. I want to throw up for having read six additional pages. There is a romance between Isle and Kosenmark, but it’s dull and seems to just sort of happen out of the blue.

The problem come Ok, I started out absolutely loving this. Her plan may have been less hasty pwssion and more thought out. So, like any rebellious princess, she changes her name to Ilse and runs away.


Passion Play – Beth Bernobich – Google Books

Refresh and try again. Either way is fine by me, but after one book there is very little indication of which way that will go. In this book, people remember bits and pieces of their past lives through dreams, and Ilse has memories of being a scholar. Yet, you assume both men are bisexual. If you are curious about the story but don’t want to commit Tor has a short story that serves a prequel for free on there site called River of Souls.

As we never see him with any character other than Bfrnobich Kosenmark, it’s difficult to tell if he’s bisexual or gay, but the end result is still poay same. A young, weak king. I for one look forward to the sequel to this solid first novel.

Ilse chooses to run. This debut novel didn’t really come together for me. Jan 15, reed rated it it was ok.

River of Souls

Anything and everything horrible that can befall a sheltered sixteen-year old girl on her own happens on our heroine, but she eventually stumbles into the care of our oassion, Raul Kosenmark.

Passion Play is two stories in one: Also I expected passion from her based on the title, but I was left cold from her actions and thoughts. Along her journey away from her home she is robbed and made into a slave. The one bright spot in this book is that she isn’t magically protected from all begnobich bad in the world just because she’s the protagonist.

Her choice will have devastating consequences and she will never be bdrnobich same. Topics Mentioning This Author. Who cares about Baron whatsisface if we never see him?!

What bothered me more was the underlying thread that suggested that homosexual love should be pushed aside in favor of heterosexual love, even when in this case children are not possible in either relationship. If letters and conversations about far-off events sound dull, well, they are. River nernobich Souls 5 books. Passion Play is the first book in the Erythandra series.

Maybe not quite erotic novel but fairly close. The only content we will consider ppay is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.


I get that the maps will be the same for all the books, so they are a map of the ‘important’ places as viewed from the end of the series, BUT, some really major things happened on the way to some towns that they didn’t bother to passsion on the map.

For me the most problematic parts of the book were its beginning and the journey to Tirallien.

She eventually finds her way under the wing of Raul Kosenmark, bernobkch castrati brothel-owner, and discovers that Raul is far more important and dangerous than he appears. Khandarr appears once, briefly and ineffectually, when he magically crashes a meeting, looks around ominously — in actuality, checking attendance — and then is shooed away.

If, under scrutiny, even a fragment of it breaks down, then the entire lie is exposed. For one thing, author’s aren’t going to know what’s working and what’s not unless somebody tells them. Nearly all the exciting stuff happens off stage, and we are given instead endless scenes of writing and reading letters.

Through the Looking Glass | The River of Souls Series

I don’t find her father to be that intimidating of a person. But it’s hard for me to get fully involved in this story because of several things. It might be hard beernobich tell from quibbles listed below, but I did really enjoy this book. There were so many parts of it that could have been explained just a LITTLE more, like countries and people never seen by the readers, and court intrigue conducted by proxies. The main problem is the long middle with no action. I mean, yes, there are the predictable moments where things go wrong and important letters are confiscated and friends and allies end up dead, but the way the plot unfolds in is no way bland or easily foreseeable.

Oct 25,