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The director concentrates on the educational aspects of the tale. The Dog on an Ice Floe” is simple theatre based on a clear message and very modern and topical at the same time. A Marlene Dietrich Dialogue”. The play aimed primarily at children between is therefore one of the best quality options for young audiences on the Gdansk stage. The performance is directed for children by Romuald Wicza-Pokojski.

Set changes take place seamlessly before your eyes. The performance shows adults their own behaviour in a slightly skewered mirror: Romuald Wicza-Pokojski set design: The artwork which accompanies the performance will impress not only young audiences.

In the Miniatura Theatre, Baltic’s story was told in a frugal, at times poetic, manner. The performance contains a lot of magic. Co-operations in film and theatre play an important role in Jacaszek’s creative work.

The story found its way onto news sites all over the world. The performance was prepared piies an unusual team of artists. Everything is logical and makes perfect sense. The incident was described by Barbara Gawryluk in the book “Baltic.


They consist of simple, white blocks, which suitably lit up and shuffled around can change into blocks of flats or the deck of a ship. For the m-city project, he created several hundred murals, usually on the outside walls of buildings all over the world, from Gdansk via Berlin to Jakarta. Mariusz Waras’s set design contains, among other things, artificial snow, a starry sky or boxes with dozens of lights to imitate blocks of flats seen from afar.

Do you remember the story? No-one is indifferent to him.


The dog was played by a doll made of rope and vividly animated by the entire cast. It’s not only about relations between people but also between people and every other living being.

Members of the crew tell Baltic’s story – we learn his fate from the moment pie runs scared from the booming of New Year’s fireworks to the moment he lands, frozen and exhausted, on board the vessel. Shivering with cold, wagging its tail or falling asleep on a piece of ice, the dog captures the heart even of a grown-up audience.

Waras is at the cuting edge of street art. The Dog on the ice floe. The Dog that floated on an ice floe” by Barbara Gawryluk adaptation and direction: There is, however, no finger-pointing in any of this, because everything ends well – and thanks to humans.


The audience sees heroes who want to help the dog in different ways, some controversial, as in the case of the hunters.

NIEM iso_LanguageCodeSimpleType – Complete documentation and samples

It tells the tale of the dramatic adventures of a stray dog. Romuald Wicza-Pokojski tells this moving story with beautiful simplicity and subtlety and without any unnecessary sentimentality.

The set is the work of Mariusz Warasan artist familiar from the m-city street-art project and a graphic artist and designer.

The krxe audience follows his fate with craned necks and gaping jaws – up to the culminating moment where the actors disappear from the stage and we see authentic footage of the dog’s rescue.

The Dog that floated on an ice floe”, which inspired the director Romuald Wicza-Pokojski Miniatura’s manager to adapt it for the stage as a documentary performance for children.

Light plays an extraordinary role in the performance: He is a composer and producer of electro-acoustic music, linking sounds prepared electronically with real instrumentation and has four albums, musical illustrations pynn poetry and prose, plus film, theatre and radio scores under his belt.

It is a beautiful example of how to sensitise children to the abuse of animals. The set for “Baltic