AWWA Has Published C! Updates Include: • High Performance Polyethylene Resin (PE) with Safety Factor ≥ 2. • Zero-leakage allowance for. Plastics Pipe Institute position statment on AWWA C High density polyethylene (HDPE) has been used for municipal and industrial water applications for almost 50 years. HDPE’s heat-fused joints create a leak free.

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DR 17 pipe with maximum working pressure rating of psig, also designated as PC Surge pressure caused by emergency pump and valve operations are usually severe.

Using the conventional surge pressure formula applicable to metal and plastic pipe, the values calculated are: Joining methods shall be capable of conveying water at the design pressure of the piping system. When specifying products described in this standard, the purchaser should provide specific information regarding the following: I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. The maximum pressure increase and decrease that is anticipated in a system as the result of a sudden change in the velocity of the water.

Any suitable equipment such as band saw, jigsaw, or router is useful for specimen preparation. A similar comparison can be made for peak pressure during fire flow where velocity may reach 8 fps. Pressure class PC ratings for pipe described in this standard are given in Table 9. Each fitting shall be designed and manufactured to operate at not less than the design pressure of the pipe system for which it is intended.

Colored coextrusions and pipe striping are allowed according to other provisions of the standard. The test pressure of DR17 is also psi, which meets the specified test pressure.



DR17 pipe is ok. In addition, consultation with PE pipe manufacturers is recommended.

American Iron and Steel Institute. The flange thickness shall be supported by calculations based on awa safety factor agreed on by the purchaser and the supplier.

The walls shall be free of cuts, cracks, holes, blisters, voids, foreign inclusions, or other defects that are visible to the naked eye and that may affect the wall integrity. Materials language has been added Sec. The standard describes 10 dimension ratios DRs for nominal pipe sizes ranging from 4 in. The inside and outside surfaces shall be semimatte f906 glossy in appearance and free of sticky or tacky material. The sum equals However, the designer expects the pipe to endure the particular operating conditions in which the recurring surge and occasional surge pressures both result from a sudden velocity change of up to 5 feet per second.

Updated C AWWA Standard To Publish Includes PE State-Of-The-Art Resin

Fittings described by this standard include fittings intended to be joined to PE pipe by thermal fusion. Hydrostatic design basis HDB: Advisory Information on Product Application.

Minimum marking on the pipe shall include the c9006 and shall be applied so that xwwa between markings are no greater than 5 ft 1. Maximum transient pressure due to the change is given in Table A The average specified outside diameter is used for establishing pipe DR using inch—pound units.

The C update, expected to be published on September 1,will include enhanced performance high-density polyethylene HDPE resins – PE – that improve the durability and reliability of HDPE pressure pipe used in municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems. Two types of surge pressure must be considered for product selection and system design: Average awaw diameter ID can be calculated as follows: The following allowable surges are in addition to static pressures: The elongation at break for each test specimen shall exceed percent.


The manufacturer awaa the resin supplier shall test each lot of material for thermal stability. Determine additives requirements, including applicable standards. Fittings shall be homogeneous throughout and as uniform in color, opacity, density, and other properties as commercially practical. The pipe shall not burst, crack, split, or otherwise fail a test pressure of four times the pipe PC applied for five seconds.

PPI AWWA C | C Statement

This standard presents cri- teria related to the manufacture and purchase of polyethylene pressure pipe to be used in the transmission of potable water in either buried or aboveground applications. Recurring pressure surges PRS: DR 21 may be used only if the designer can operate the water main at working pressure less than 70 psig, or if the surge at 5 fps was attributed to occasional events only with recurring surges at 4 fps or less refer to Table C.

These three materials provide two series of pressure class ratings, one for PE or PE material and one for PE material. Standard code designation of the PE material Sec. Products failing to meet any of these requirements shall be rejected. American Water Works Association. A shipment of resin material that is included under one material certification.