For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to: design; construct; commission.

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Please copy and paste this embed script to nze you want to embed Embed Script. Public money would normally be spent to try to eliminate or reduce to a level as low as reasonably practical the causes of risks 178 than 10—4 per year i. Indoor and outdoor pools are treated the same with regard to lightning dangers.

For specialized structures e. Persons and equipment within buildings can be at risk from the indirect effects of lightning and Section 5 gives recommendations for the protection of persons and equipment within buildings from the effects of lightning. For telecommunication overvoltages, AS Section 8 gives advice on precautions to be taken during installation, inspecting, testing, and maintaining lightning protection systems.

Home Privacy Disclaimer Copyright. Regarding the potential types of risk due to lightning listed in Clause 2. Successive calculations can be performed to observe the effects of various protection measures.

This figure has been derived from ground flash density data obtained from the Lightning Detection Network of New Zealand for the period January 1, through February 9, To maintain their currency, all Standards are periodically reviewed, and new editions are published.


This includes information on the size, material, and form of conductors, the positioning of air terminals and downconductors, and the requirements for earth terminations. Persons within a substantial structure are normally protected from direct strikes, but may be exposed to a hazard from conductive electrical services entering the structure or from conductive objects within the structure that may attain different potentials.

The value of each component of risk R x may be calculated 178 an expression similar to that shown below: Where doubt exists as to the need for lightning protection, further advice should be sought from a az protection designer or installer. In the first aid treatment of a patient injured by lightning, it is essential that breathing be restored by artificial respiration and blood circulation be restored by external cardiac massage, if appropriate.

The spreadsheet implements the risk calculations detailed in Appendix A with the required inputs and outputs presented on a single page for ease of use. For each protection level, a set of maximum sizing criteria and minimum interception criteria lightning current parameters is fixed, together with the corresponding rolling sphere radius.

These may include— a measures limiting step and touch voltages; b measures limiting fire propagation; c measures to mitigate the effects of lightning-induced overvoltages e.

AS1768-2007 – Lightning Protection

As a result, people may be injured in the panic to evacuate the building. For example, the nature of the burns and the extent of damage to underlying muscle tissue tend to be severe with electric power current, but mild with lightning current.

Extra protection is applied at the zone boundary to minimize the risk of damage to equipment inside the zone. Only applicable to structures involved in the provision of public service utilities e.


Risks less than 10 —5 per year i. Size px x x x x Section 3 provides advice on the protection of persons from lightning, mainly relating to the behaviour of persons when not inside substantial buildings.

AS / NZS Lightning Protection – AG – Australian Business Licence and Information Service

The possible input options are explained in a comment box, nzz is displayed when the cursor is positioned over the input cell. L3 will apply to museums, galleries, libraries and heritage listed buildings while L2 applies to structures involved in the provision of public service utilities such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications. Ax danger from other causes such as toxicity, asphyxiation, and radioactivity may arise this is specifically mentioned.

Who can you talk to for more information? Direct and nearby cloud-to-ground lightning discharges can be hazardous to persons, structures, installations and many other things in or on them.

Standards Catalogue

az In most cases the structure or facility will be a stand-alone building. In terms of the risk of various types of losses due to lightning, a value of the tolerable risk, R a needs to be specified. A number of appendices are included that provide additional information and advice. Before any decision is made not to install lightning protection to a structure, consideration should be given to the factors outlined in other sections of this Standard.

Some inputs require numerical values e.