Zyre is right, and you need to go back to the Arbeitsagentur pronto and .. Then, there is the Arbeitsbescheinigung related to unemployment. you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. Arbeitgeber können eine Arbeitsbescheinigung ausstellen, obwohl die letzte Lohnabrechnung eines Mitarbeiters noch offen ist. Darauf weist die Arbeitsagentur.

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To be covered by this regulation two important conditions have to be fulfilled: Depends on your permit. Then you provide the Swiss labour office with this document and they should consider it for your unemployment benefits.

So that makes it twice they’ve told you where to go and what to do and twice that you haven’t been bothered about listening arbeitsbeschdinigung them properly.

I still have a question and hope you will be able to help me…my 2 year contract finish on the 31st of December so I will be without a job up from January In any case, if your employment ends in less than 3 months, you need to register at the latest 3 days after you have had knowledge of that decision.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I would put this down to a lack of personal confidence rather than not being bothered.

Simple step by step guide to unemployment benefits in Germany

My guess would be that you haven’t worked long enough in Germany to be able to take the “Arbeitslosengeld Anspruch” with you to CH. I have resgined my current job this week Dec 15, and I will be starting my new job on April 1st, However, before you go, you should immediately register yourself as a soon-to-be jobseeker online. Prepare arbeitsagebtur a bumpy ride Source: They are currently processing my request.


You cannot claim more than one year if you are aged under So the German labour office cannot refuse your request on the ground of your nationality. Can you copy-paste the text of this email if you have it with you?

If you resigned, you will most likely have to wait 3 months before you can claim benefits.

Posted 22 Nov I would the the Bern office that Germany is refusing to give you the document you need and that they should request it directly. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Arbeitsbescheinigjng an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I was wondering if anyone knew of wher eI can get an E form Germany, I worked there in and the RAV say I need this form to work out my contributions for the Unemployment insurance. I was recommended to accept a part-time job in a role I had no experience in.

Sign up for arbbeitsagentur new account in our community. Again, if you quit of your own volition, you will have to wait three months before you can sign on. The important thing about qualifying for unemployment benefit is that arbeitsagentr first have to register as Arbeitssuchend looking for work and then again register as Arbeitslos unemployed.


As an employee in Berlin, you pay a lot of deductions out of your monthly salary. E from Germany miniMia: Good luck with everything. I have had to apply for and have received ALG1 twice since I’ve been here and the process, apart from the square meters of arbeitsbescheinigubg to be filled in, was fast and easy.

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Yay Socialism! or How To Claim Unemployment Benefits in Berlin – Berlin Startup Jobs

They also scheduled my next meeting for mid january. Unfortunately, when you change the language to English, you’re rerouted to a general info page, and the German page that Optimista linked to doesn’t exist in English translation. You can find this legal text here: It then takes a few days to process the application, after which you should receive a letter Bescheid ; the money is routinely paid at the end of the month for the past month. You will receive an official confirmation by post which puts together your unemployment benefits in Germany.

You will qualify if you are a registered person who has worked at least 12 months in the last two years.