: The Metamorphoses of Antoninus Liberalis: A Translation with a Commentary (): Antoninus Liberalis: Books. Francis Celoria: The Metamorphoses of Antoninus Liberalis: A Translation with a Commentary. Pp. X + London and New York: Routledge, £ , English, Book edition: The metamorphoses of antoninus liberalis: A Machine generated contents note: The Forty-One Tales Of Antoninus Liberalis; 1.

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You also may like to try some of these bookshopswhich may or may not sell this item. Separate different tags with a comma.

To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. Skip to content Skip to search. Home This editionEnglish, Book edition: The metamorphoses of antoninus antoninnus A translation with a commentary. Check copyright status Cite this Title The metamorphoses of antoninus liberalis: Contents Machine generated contents note: Ctesylla Hermochares wins a bride by writing on an apple.

But her father forgets his oath and angers a god. Ctesylla dies and becomes a dove 2. The Meleagrides Meleager dies because of his mother’s curse. His mourning sisters become birds 3.

Hierax Hierax, though a good man, forgets to sacrifice to Poseidon.

His lands are ravaged by a monster and Hierax becomes a hawk, a hated bird 4. Cracaleus Cragaleus, a just man, is asked to adjudicate in a dispute between three gods. Apollo, annoyed by his decision, turns him into a stone 5. Aecypius The son of the mistress of Aegypius traps him into incest.

Zeus changes all concerned into birds 6. Periphas The praise and devotion Periphas receives because of his good works makes Zeus jealous. Periphas and his wife are turned into birds 7. Anthus Contents note continued: The children of Autonous have plant-names. They are attacked by horses. The gods change the children into birds with plant-names 8. Lamia or Sybaris A youth left as a sacrifice to a monster is rescued by an admirer who slays the monster 9.

Emathides The daughters of the king of Emathia challenge the Muses to a song contest. For their dreadful and presumptuous performance they are changed into birds Minyades The daughters of Minyas at first spurn the revels of Dionysus.

Fear makes them into Bacchantes and then they become flying creatures of the night Aedon Or Nightingale Polytechnus rapes his sister-in-law. The sisters serve him up his son. After the punishment of Polytechnus by insects, all are turned into birds Cycnus or Swan Phylius, faithful to the disdainful Cycnus, is set three hard tasks.


He succeeds, to the shame of Cycnus who leaps into a lake and becomes a swan Aspalis Contents note continued: A tyrant claims a first night from Aspalis, but she hangs herself first.

Her brother, dressed as his sister, slays him. Aspalis becomes a deity Munichus Munichus and his family try to repel corsairs from the defensive towers of their farm.

They are overcome but Zeus in pity turns them into birds Meropis A brother and two sisters scorn Athena, Artemis and Hermes, even after antoninjs gods politely request respect. The scorners are turned to birds Oenoe Oenoe, Pygmy of great beauty, cares not a fig for Hera and Artemis. Hera turns her into a crane xntoninus wars with the Pygmies who fight back Leucippus Galatea is told to expose an unwanted daughter. But she disguises her as a boy called Leucippus. Leto in pity changes the girl into a boy Eeropus or Bee-Eater A boy eats the brain of an animal his father was sacrificing.

The boy is felled by the father.

The Metamorphoses of Antoninus Liberalis : a translation with a commentary

Apollo in pity turns the boy into a bee-eater The Thieves Contents note continued: Four thieves put on armour to steal honey from the bees at the cave where Zeus was born. Their armour is blown away and they are turned into birds Clinis Clinis of Babylon wants to sacrifice asses to Apollo in the manner of the Hyperboreans. The god refuses but two sons disobey. All become birds Polyphonte Polyphonte scorns love; Aphrodite makes her fall in love with a bear.

Antoninus Liberalis

She gives birth to two giants. The gods change them all into birds Cerambus Cerambus sings and pipes to the delight of nymphs.

But he becomes so arrogant towards them that they turn him into a beetle Battus Battus asks Hermes, who has stolen the cattle of Apollo, for a bribe to keep silence. Battus antnoinus to do so and Hermes turns him into a rock Ascalabus The boy Ascalabus laughs at Demeter drinking thirstily.

Angrily she pours over him what is left of the drink. This makes him into a gecko Metioche And Menippe Contents note continued: When plague strikes Boeotia, an oracle says it will cease if two maidens sacrifice themselves. Metioche and Menippe do so and become comets Hylas Hylas, page of Heracles on the Argo, goes to a spring for water. Nymphs, who fall in love with him, drag him in and turn him into an echo Iphigenia Rescued by Artemis from a sacrifice, Iphigenia became a priestess among the Taurians.


Antoninus Liberalis – Wikipedia

Later she goes to the White Isle to partner Achilles Typhon Typhon, son of Earth, causes many gods to flee to Egypt in the form of animals. Zeus strikes him with a thunderbolt and buries him under Etna Galinthias Hera makes the Fates halt Heracles’ birth.

Galinthias, a servant who tricks the Fates so that Alcmene can give birth, is turned into a weasel Byblis Byblis rejects her suitors because she loves her father. She tries to kill herself but nymphs take pity and change her into one of themselves The Messapians Contents note continued: Young Messapian colonists from Illyria boorishly challenge local nymphs to a dancing contest.

The youths, defeated, are changed into trees Dryope Apollo, disguised as a tortoise and then as a serpent, seduces Dryope who later gives birth to a son. Dryope is changed into a nymph Alcmene When Alcmene, mother of Heracles, dies Hermes steals her body leaving a stone.

She goes to the Isles of the Blest as wife of Rhadamanthus Smyrna Smyrna lusts after her father and, helped by her old nurse, seduces him. Discovered, she gives birth prematurely to Adonis and becomes a tree The Herdsmen Leto, after giving birth to Apollo and Artemis, comes to a spring but is driven off by herdsmen. Later she changes them into frogs Pandareus Pandareus steals a golden dog meant to protect the goat that suckled Zeus.

Tantalus, asked to guard the dog, keeps it. All are punished The Dorians Contents note continued: After Diomedes dies in Italy, his Dorian followers are slain by a local king and become birds who remain on the isle where Diomedes is buried Wolf Peleus kills his metamorphosfs and then accidentally kills the son of Irus.

A wolf that eats the cattle paid as compensation is turned to stone