Steiner ‘cult’ is an ethos that fosters humanity – Comment – TESDec 11, I can’t help wondering if it was the weirdness of anthroposophy. One of the organsiations was Weleda, an anthroposophical health care company founded by Rudolf Steiner. Yesterday, on my blog post on the. Cult-like characteristics of Anthroposophy include: * It clings to rejected knowledge. (The heart is not a pump, etc.) * It requires teachers to.

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I later discovered the answers I was given were lies.

In your response to the first characteristic of the ICSA criteria for cult-status, I have to take a measured resistance to your saying: You do an amazing job of shooting yourself in the foot with every post. Details about the spiritual world, Steiner suggested, could on such a basis be discovered and reported, though no more infallibly than the results of natural science. Lush and large with children playing outdoors.

Edwin said June 5, Long time fan here. Some illustrations on the various pages here at Waldorf Watch.

Why Anthroposophy Is Cult-Like

There are many with similar experience as yours. I thought Anthrposophy was not in the school? His original story and a number of his followup stories about it, when called on what he writes, are all described here:. First, Matt great to hear your words. Dr Staudenmaier pinpoints my main concern:. You write as if you mean that either anthroposophy or waldorf education or both are “exclusive”. I am not referring to a particular study group, but to Anthroposophists in general.


Anthroposophy – Wikipedia

What vary are the superficial appearances phenotypesas the different fingerprints of identical twins, the skin colour, the eyelid shape, etc. The little boy wanted to leave a quarter of an hour earlier, but had been restrained by someone who wanted to go out together with him.

The white race is the future, the race that is creating spirit. Yet I believe its core is sound, and offers great resource for approaching the deeper questions of human existence. Your devoted maiden sister Mary Caryn Louise, sighing.

Why in the common use of the terms is Pluto “superior” whilst Venus is “inferior”? I apologize for making comments too soon. Gemma, please try to understand that I appreciate every morsel and crumb I can get off the table while the dogs lick at my sores.

Why Anthroposophy Is Cult-Like

They are taught how to use it. I still think that a much better effort should be made to answer questions, but most people have to find them by reading and study. An early English usage is recorded by Nathan Bailey as meaning “the knowledge of the nature of man.

So much indoctrination of political correctness. In all fairness, there have also been incidents here in Norway with teenagers carrying knives to school, and there have been stabbing incidents and at anthhroposophy one homicide.


Anthroposophy, Critics, and Controversy. I continue to ponder why it all happened. Steiner repeatedly stated the need to move away from anthroposopyh clan mentality because it acts against the evolution not only of the members of any organisation but of mankind.

Start with Albert Memmi — his definition sounds closest to your confused position. Let us imagine race following race, civilization following civilization. Why do parents feel that these schools are not “nonsectarian schools” as is promised in Waldorf outreach material and handbooks? You look at all the designs and costs and check that each firm is properly regulated and qualified.

The little boy had the intention to walk out by a certain door — in which case he would have passed on the right side of anthroposopny moving cart, intstead he had been crushed being on the left. Many of the members were retired librarians and school teachers and theologians and the like who had been reading Blavatsky; they did not have a background in natural science and epistemology. I know which list contains those gnomes and the floaty Britain.

They are not paranoid either. The real question is, how much harm they do.