: Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers: More Mad, Marvy Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (): Louise Rennison: Books. Let the overseas snogfest begin!Georgia and Jas are off to Hamburger-a-gogo land! Georgia plans to track down Masimo, the Italian-American dreamboat, but. Then he ate my Boy Entrancers Sadly her plans are thwarted because she is in Memphis while he is in Manhattan and the bus trip takes five weeks – each.

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As the above amply demonstrates, this is not a book to be read on public transport. She found the most gorgeous shoes ever but the only size they had was a size 4.

Masimo is their Future Boat they always dreamed for. Hamburger-a-gogo land and Molto, molto Masimo vs. All told, I enjoyed this one more than the last few books in the series and I’m hoping that trend will continue.

It tells the side-splittingly funny story of Georgia Nicolson: Miraculously both their parents said that Jas can go to America. She A book written in narrative, first person style. Robbie still thinks about Georgia and writes to her, but she never responds because she’s hung up on Masimo, who unfortunately is hanging around Wet Lindsay. As you can probably tell, this is a very funny, feel-good teen book.

None of this was mentioned to her father they just told him she had the tummy bug. She doesn’t even know where he’s staying an It’s off to ‘hamburger-a-go-go’ land! I give this story a 4 out of 5 because it has all the drama I want to hear and all the comedy I expect.

Lists with This Book. Georgia and Jas, her best friend, are all ready to set off to America with six, yes six, suitcases of clothes. I wouldn’t say je this book is a challenging read but this book is perfect if you have just finished a really hard-core book and just need a bit of a giggle. My fab fave part in this one was the shoes. Join the site and send us your review! She had the best date ever and he actually liked her for her. The story is all about Georgia’s fight for a new “Sex God” in her life and all the beauty rituals she must go through to impress the man men of her dreams.


Then he ate my Boy Entrancers.

Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers

Location Please enter your location, but not an exact address. Since there were a hundred people in Manhattan with the last name Scarlotti she decided to call a bus to go to Manhattan because she thought that Memphis and Manhattan were really close together. The category this book goes under is: She later called him and he asked if she wanted to go with him, his gang, and Lindsey to this place he was going to. They make me laugh histarically, mostly because she does a lot of the things I woud do like that.

Georgia finally decides to take the advice, full of wisdomosity, of her Mutti and give up The Horn for Masimo. But you kept messing about and having the Horn and so on and you lost them. Think “Bertie Wooster as a modern teen-ager”.

She doesn’t let it faze her and has a plan of trying to call every single person in Manhattan. So, all is well until Dave the laugh tells Georgia that Masimo happens to be in Manhattan, ages away from where Annd is going to be! This installment was even more funny, sad and vivid than the ones before.

…Then he ate my Boy Entrancers

I’ve been flying through this series and I’m scared what will happen when I reach the last book. However things don’t go according to plan when she finds out he is going to Manhattan, two inches of map, away from Memphis, where she is headed!


As one 1 week full past, Georgia did not come across or succed in getting her dreamboat. Of course, it doesn’t work and Georgia is very disappointed. The “Italian stallion” Masimo just so happens to be in America too, but in Manhattan.

In this installment anr hunt for Italian Stallion continues. I can connect to this bo This book is about two amazing people named Georgia and Jas. This field is required.

Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers by Louise Rennison

What he explained was that he needed a week to think! She doesn’t even know where he’s staying and ends up calling all over Manhattan looking for him to no avail. She was surprised by the way the Americans acted.

Georgia, her family and her best friend Jas went to America for a clown-car-convention. Her Vati gets mad and so she has to cut it down to three! Georgia is so cringe-worthy. Hopefully this has given you an insight into what type of books they are. I hope she’ll learn from her mistakes. Jul 17, Emma Hart rated it liked it. Well, I hope you never have to – that is all I am saying. Oct 02, Alexa Vazquez rated it really liked it. Imagine a book that you have to anf out and carry home in secret, becuase the titles are so bizarre!