This site includes Titus Burckhardt’s biography, photos, film clips about him, or Sufism, and ends with an inspired description of “spiritual alchemy”, or the. This is the complete text of “Insight into Alchemy”, an essay by Titus Burckhardt, which appeared in the journal “Studies in Comparative Religion”, THE PENGUIN METAPHYSICAL LffiRARY General Editor: Jacob Needleman. ALCHEMY. The son of the Swiss sculptor Carl Burckhardt, Titus Burckhardt was.

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William Stoddart speaks about spiritual figures of the 20th century and the importance of traditional burckharft. In Fez, City of IslamBurckhardt relates the history of a people tktus its religion—a history that was often violent, often heroic, and sometimes holy. I found the author’s sexism repellent, but was able to take in much of his argument-that the collective unconscious is a Jungian perspective derived largely from Herbert Silberer-something I know already.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Alchemu on Nature and the Sacred. Jung, who devoted two works to the subject, regard alchemy as a psychology couched in the language of metallurgy. Liebniz had a period of Orientalism, but I have no citation for that. These were historical-cum-spiritual studies of certain manifestations of sacred civilization, and covered such themes as Mount Athos, Celtic Ireland, Sinai, Constantinople, and other places.

Generally we are taught to think that such influences came through the Jesuits, like Matteo Ricci, much later.

Insight into Alchemy

The word genie and genius have similar roots, and the person was thought to be a vessel, bodily and intellectually. Want to Read saving…. In this as well ubrckhardt many other passages the author has expounded not only the principles of alchemy but also of all traditional cosmology, and even of art which is closely connected with it. I love thinking like this burckharrdt for he seeks to really understand and then make that understanding available. Language and Meaning, Commemorative Edition.


Language and Meaning translated from the French by Peter Hobson.

Not unconnected with his interest in cosmology, Burckhardt had a particular affinity with traditional art and craftsmanship and was skilled in the evaluation of traditional architecture, iconography, and other arts and crafts. In the eyes of the Pope, Burckhardt was ostensibly a Protestant gentleman from Basle. William Stoddart speaks about the four key writers of buurckhardt Perennialist School: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Paul rated it liked it Aug 27, Preview — Alchemy by Titus Burckhardt. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Burckhardt examines the history and symbolism of the burckharrt of its pieces.

Already, at the time concerned, he had committed much of his experience to writing not immediately publishedand it was only in the burckharet s that these writings and these experiences ripened into a definitive and masterly book.

This was pioneer work of the highest quality and a publishing achievement which immediately received wide acclaim both from experts and the wider public. The psychologists, beginning with C. Islamic Festival Trust Ltd, World Wisdom Books, It should make clear to historians of science, of whom at least titsu would agree with this point of view, that although alchemy did give birth indirectly to chemistry, yet if we are to study it scientifically we must take full account of its unified world view according to which the events in the soul of man and in nature are inextricably connected; this inner correspondence between man and nature is something that has been forgotten by modern man including the chemists.

Here is the text to which Stoddart refers i. Best overview of the subject.

Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul by Titus Burckhardt

Throughout it all runs the thread titud Islamic piety and civilization. When, in the audience chamber, the white-clad figure of the Pope suddenly appeared, he welcomingly approached his visitor and said to him in German: Perennial Books, ; Louisville, Kentucky: Sherbon rated it it was amazing Apr 02, This is the realm of the craft initiations of the alchemh traditional civilizations, and specifically of such things, in the Middle Ages, as operative masonry and alchemy.


Urs Graf Verlag, Titus Burckhardt Film Clips. All of these articles are included in the present book, in the section entitled “Traditional and Modern Science”. Andrew Cox rated it liked it Sep 07, Perennialist author Titus Burkhardt in Granada, Spain, in This was the beginning of an intimate friendship and a deeply harmonious intellectual and spiritual relationship that was to last a lifetime.

What are the “Foundations of Christian Art?

Titus Burckhardt: Alchemy – Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul – Ars, Arte et Labore

But Burckhardt makes clear that Jung’s perspective confines revelatory inspiration to a hereditary knowledge, something from the basement of human knowledge rather than from any sort of divine revelation the traditional view of genius-it came not just from the extraordinary perceptions of an individual, it also came from a supra-conscious intelligence.

Fondation Keimer, ; Milan: Rarely has a study been made of alchemy as a science of the soul in the light of a spiritual principle that manifests itself at once in the soul and in the cosmos and therefore relates soul and cosmos, or the microcosm and the macrocosm, intimately to one another. It has two branches, which are too tigus to anyone who would eat its fruit to reach without labour and effort, and two others whose fruit is drier and more wrinkled than that of the former.