I read Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair in the summer between high school and college. It is three books – Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and. Title: A Scots Quair Author: Lewis Grassic Gibbon * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted . Lewis Grassic Gibbon (James Leslie Mitchell) was one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. Born in Aberdeenshire in , he died at the age of.

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The wedding scene was one such; another was the eventual story of what happened to Ewan in France. The first couple of times I tried to read the book, the first part of Sunset Song bogged me down a little, with the history of the area, etc. In a way her life is over in this book, but in another way it’s about how life goes on even when your life is over. Alec himself had such lugs that they said he flapped them against the flies in the summer-time, and once he was coming home on his bicycle from Laurencekirk, and he was real drunk and at the steep brae above the Denburn bridge he mistook the flow of the water for the broad road and in between coping and bank he went and head over heels into the clay bed twenty feet below; and often he’d tell that if he hadn’t landed on a lug he might well have been brained, but Long Rob of the Mill would laugh and say Brained?

Folk said there hadn’t been such a drought since eighty-three and Long Rob of the Mill said you couldn’t blame this one on Gladstone, anyway, and everybody laughed except father. Loving all things Scottish, I bought this book several years ago, but just finally got the courage to read it.

Up as far as Kinraddie came the poison and the young laird of that time, and he was Kenneth, he called himself a Jacobin and joined the Jacobin Club of Aberdeen and there at Aberdeen was nearly killed in the rioting, for liberty and equality and fraternity, he called it.

In this last book, Grey Granitethere are four sections which are called after different constituents of granite: Two pairs of horses it was stabled for but Alec kept no more than three bit beasts, he’d say he was waiting for his family to grow up before he completed the second pair. I found it accidentally; no one I knew had ever heard of Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

Qusir central paradox of quzir trilogy is that this is seen as a doomed mission but one it is vital to embark on.

A Scots Quair – Wikipedia

Not a thing, though you’re over-young to go thinking of that, you’ve your lessons and studies, the English Chris, and living and eating and sleeping that other Chris that stretches your toes for you in the dark of the night and whispers a drowsy I’m you.

Feb 11, Elle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stick to your lessons and let’s see you make a name for yourself, you’ve no time for friends.


Robert is an idealist, where Chris is a realist, though her realism is not everyone’s. Cloud Howe was equally easily my least favourite book – the secondary characters were pretty much universally unlikeable, and while I know that was the point, I missed having quaie to “root” for as it were.

Central to the trilogy is Chris Guthrie, one of the most remarkable female characters in modern literature.

And besides, she didn’t know how. He was the daftest one, but fell sly, he’d sometimes run away to the hills and stand there with his finger at his nose, making faces at Mistress Munro, and she’d scraich at him and he’d yammer back at her and then over the moor he’d get to the bothy at Upperhill where the ploughmen would give him cigarettes and then torment him till he fair raged; and once tried to kill one with an axe he caught up from a hackstock.

A Scots Quair Series

I felt it was one of those books that has been done many times but, not least because it was written before it had been done so often, almost fools you into feeling like it’s a first time.

Will was sitting up slowly, the blood on his face, and John Guthrie speaking to him, not looking at him, grooming Bess. Also I was terribly disappointed at how mean-spirited and, yes, stupid, a lot of the people were. And the third day out he came back from far in the south.

And then John Guthrie dragged his son aside and paid no more heed sckts him, but picked xcots brush and curry-comb and cried Whoa, lass! It’s a wonderful depiction of rural Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century and describes the development of the working clas In some ways I feel it does a dis-service to these books by reviewing them together for each part of the trilogy is brilliant.

And right fairly there, midmost his brave breeks John Guthrie might well have kicked but that he restrained himself, cannily, for the goose was still lying by the side of the loch, jerking and slobbering blood through its beak; and it looked at him with terror in its slate-grey eyes and he waited, canny still, till Maitland was out of sight, syne he wrung the neck of the bird and took it down to Blawearie.

The politics sclts A Scots Quair are complicated, and far from regressively nostalgic: And on the road home they lay among the stooks and maybe Ellison did this and that to make sure of getting her, he was fair desperate for any woman by then. Then it was that it came the turn of a brave young childe with a red head and the swackest legs you ever saw, his horses qyair laced in ribbons, bonny and trig, and as soon as he began the drill you saw he’d carry off the prize.

There’s a limited glossary of terms in the back of the book and its s fairly easy to figure out or guess the meaning of the words that aren’t there.

For grandmother, she’d been father’s mother, not mother’s mother, had been fell religious and every Sunday, rain or shine, had tramped to the kirk at Echt, sitting below some four-five ministers there in all. She’d been a fishing quean before she took up with old Sinclair, and when they settled down in Netherhill on borrowed money it was she that would drive to Gourdon twice a week in the little pony lorry and come back with it stinking out the countryside for miles around with its load of rotten fish to manure the land.

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Yet the feeling for the old ways, the old speech, throbs through the book and never goes away. It isn’t true written Scots, but a sort of in-between approximation, made I’m sure partly so that the book wasn’t closed to an English reader. The reason the story makes a natural drama is, in part, because Chris is one of the great women of 20th-century fiction quaor, but also because the setting is so alluring. I thought the trilogy was about Chris.

And she looked up at him, pushing him away, his mad, awful head, he began to purr like a great, wild cat, awful it must have been to see him and hear him.

A Scots Quair Series by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

In this first book characters occasionally catch glimpses of figures from another time. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In the second book of the trilogy, Cloud Howe, Chris’s second husband is a minister, a socialist and idealist, and she moves away with him from the life of physical labour in Kinraddie, into the mind world of the bourgeoisie.

The novel is mostly narrated from the perspective of its young heroine, Chris Guthrie, but this is interspersed with a kind of chorus woven out of the gossiping consensus in Kinraddie: She was sobbing and ill when she went to bed, Chris boiled water in kettles for hours and hours and then towels came down, towels clairted with stuff she didn’t dare look at, she washed them quick and hung them to dry.

Wait till you find yourself in the arms of your lad, in the harvest time it’ll be with the stooks round about you, and he’ll stop from joking–they do, you know, and that’s just scotts their blood-pressure alters–and he’ll take you like this–wait, there’s not a body to see us! But John Guthrie dropped the tarpaulin edge that shielded his wife and the twins and the furnishings of the best scotts and gear good and plentiful enough; and swiftly he ran past the head of the horse till he came to where the cattle bunched.

Oh good lord, I was so on the side of these She is so supremely the perfect heroine: And sure as death it quqir, off to the asylum they hurled the daftie, he went with a nurse’s mutch on his head and he put his head out of the back of the waggon and said Cockadoodledoo!