Ideas for Utilizing Limited Space

Crowded cities are famous for apartments lacking extra space. Luxurious penthouse apartments and roomy townhouses do exist for those with the money to pay for them, but the average person is left with a one or two room apartment. Some have to make due with a studio apartment, which consists of one open room. Others share apartments to be able to cover the rent in a desirable area of the city. People have to be creative when it comes to utilizing limited space.

One way to do that is to invest in furniture that serves more than one function. A corner sofa, for example, provides a place to sit without taking up the center of the living room. A smaller unit, either placed on the right or the left, leaves room for an entertainment center, or a television and a coffee table. The room does not appear crowded, yet there is plenty of space for three or four people to sit comfortably. A corner sofa bed is even more versatile because it can be used to sleep an overnight guest. Some models are available with hidden storage space to keep extra pillows and bedding until they are required.

Ottomans are another example of how to make the most of limited space. Storing books, games, movies, or music inside a hollow ottoman makes them easily accessible without taking up floor or shelf space. That is perfect for the studio apartment of a college student, or the basement apartment of a person with their first professional job. Corner furniture units, ottomans with storage space, and other dual functioning furniture is available in different sizes, styles, colors, and price points. Most can be purchased right online for convenience. A financing application can be completed online as well, with approval taking only a few hours.

Other ideas include wall sconces rather than lamps that take up table space, shelves and hooks attached to walls to hold keys and purses, and coat racks when there is no hall closet. Small living spaces are an everyday aspect of electing to live in busy cities, so a bit of creativity is essential to make the environment feel comfortable. Look online, or in select showrooms, for furniture that serves more than one function.

Posted by April 17, 2017 Category: Home Products & Services