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How to Treat Vertigo Naturally

It is estimated that 25{c614c390ec285585c73577471a95effd1ca7fda9a0b88e809ddc8a696afa6591} of the general population are suffering from dizziness and vertigo and the majority are older women. Just like any other medical condition, vertigo and dizziness can be devastating to patients. There are many types of vertigo and dizziness in modern medicine with three of them being most common.

The first condition is objective vertigo which gives a patient the sensation that the environment around them is moving. Objective vertigo is the most common type and can be easily treated when the patient is given medication while it is in the earlier stages. The second type is known as subjective vertigo and occurs when the patient feels that he or she is moving when this is not the reality. This condition can be treated with the only difference being that the procedure is slightly complex. Pseudo-vertigo is the third form of vertigo which makes the patient feel as if the brain is rotating. This is the hardest form to treat among the three but treatment is still possible.

Different types of treatments can be used on vertigo patients. One of the most functional natural treatment is acupuncture. This form of treatments is capable of treating all the three types of vertigo. A patient who is suffering from vertigo or dizziness needs to get in touch with a reliable practitioner who is knowledgeable in healing similar diseases using acupuncture.

Ancient Chinese medicine states that vertigo is caused by a deficiency in the body. Since there are many factors that can cause this kind of deficiency, your doctor will examine you to determine what could be causing this problem. Some of the factors that bring imbalance in some parts of the body include depression and stress. The imbalance will then lead to development of vertigo and dizziness.

Factors such as illnesses, a weak spleen, a fragile heart, anxiety, and stress can cause deficiencies to occur in the body by depleting energy from the blood and body. When you engage in too much sexual activity or are aging, you are at risk of getting vertigo. These cases are normally categorized under complex eastern medicine diagnosis that is labelled as wind, fire, phlegm, and deficiency.

After some visits to the acupuncturist, patients will begin to notice a decline in the number of symptoms that affect them. Dizziness will reduce allowing a patient to go on with his or her duties in the normal way including being able to stay in the office for extended periods. Acupuncture will only be effective in treating a patient if he or she maintains a constant routine of visiting the acupuncturist for 6 to 8 weeks as described.
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