Catering and Halal Food: Important Information for a Successful Event

In recent years, there have been calls for better labeling of various halal foods in restaurants, takeaways and on catering menus. But, many people still don’t know what halal food is, or why finding the best halal BBQ catering services for your party is so important. The good news is, the information here will help to shed some light on this topic. Keep reading to learn more about halal food.

What Exactly is Halal Meat?

Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible.” All food that is considered halal adheres to a set, Islamic law, which is defined in the Koran.

The Islamic method of slaughtering an animal, or any type of poultry, involves killing by a cut to the subject’s jugular vein, windpipe and carotid artery. It’s essential that the animal is not only alive but also healthy when it is slaughtered and that all the blood is drained out of the carcass. While the “killing” is happening, a Muslim will be reciting a dedication, which is called the shahada or tasmiya.

Is Stunning Allowed?

There is still some debate regarding certain elements of halal. One is if stunning of the subject is allowed.

According to the guidelines of halal food, stunning is not allowed when killing an animal. This comes from HFA, the Halal Food Authority, which is a non-profit organization that monitors various companies’ adherence to the established halal processes. However, it is allowed if an animal survives and is then killed by using the outlined halal methods.

Finding a Quality Catering Service

When a person or organization is planning an event where a caterer will be hired to provide halal food, it’s important to ensure the food meets the standard outlined by the HFA. This will ensure that everyone attending the event will be able to enjoy the food provided.

Using the information here can help an event planner better understand the requirements for halal food. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the right food options are provided. Don’t ignore these guidelines, as they will ensure that everyone can enjoy the food served at the event.